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My name is Apostle Ernie Hume; I founded Cross of Jesus Christ Ministries October 2015.

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Ministry to all, regardless of their financial status. 

 When I founded this ministry, my vision was to provide prayer, prophecy, counseling, and good Biblical based preaching for all irrespective of their financial status. 

During the week, sometimes several times a week, I will publish free Bible teachings. You can also contact me for prayer/prophecy/counseling 100% free of charge. My e.mail is apostleernie@outlook.com or bibelnorsk@gmail.com if you speak one of the Scandinavian languages.

Money and ministry

Money answers all things; it can bring peace to mind if you have enough of it, or it can bring storms and violent waves of anxiety if you dont have any of it. If a lack of money makes you anxious and stressed out, it is a sign you have made money your God and assigned them an authority over your life that should be reserved only for Yehovah. Yehovah is the only one who should have the power over us to decide whetever we feel anxious, stressed, worried, or at peace.

So what do you do if you find yourself guilty of worshiping money instead of worshiping Yehovah?

In Matt 6:24 Yeshua says we cant worship money AND Yehovah, we have to choose between one of them. If we go up to verse 22-23, Yeshua says we worship money if we are stingy, but we worship Yehovah if we are generous with our money. Then He proceeds to give an interesting warning if we are cheap with our money, we will live in deep darkness, but if we are gracious with our money, we will walk in the light.

If we want to understand Matt 6:22-24, it is essential to remember Yeshua is a Jew born in a Hebrew culture speaking to other Jews living in a Hebrew culture. Being a Hebrew Jew, Yeshua expects all His followers to show their faith in Him by repenting back to Torah obedience. We see this in John 3:36 when Yeshua says the one who believes in Him will inherit eternal life, but the one who does not obey Him will know the wrath of Yehovah. And we this is in James 2:10-26, and 1. John 2:6, where it says if we are genuinely saved united with Christ, it has shown itself in a life lived in obedience to the Torah.

In the Torah, we are told to love Yehovah with all our hearts and all our minds. (Deut 6:4-7, Matt 22:37, John 14:15) When a Hebrew Jew reads the commandment to love Yehovah, he or she automatically understands this means loving Yehovah requires something of him. Yeshua tells us in Matt 6:22-23 what that something is when He says we show love for Yehovah by choosing to support Him and His work with our money. Then He proceeds to tell that if we do this, we will walk in the light. Walking in the light is a Hebrew idiom for walking in Torah obedience. But He warns us that if we are cheap with our money, we will be in great darkness, which is a Hebrew idiom for lawlessness.

So if you are genuinely saved, Yeshua says in Matt 6:22-24, you have to support the work of Yehovah with your money. In a world with 40 000 + different denominations, which one should you help?
Lev 6:16,26, Gal 6, and 1. Cor 9:13 says you should support the ministry that prays for you, prophecies to you teach you the word of Yehovah, and helps you to walk in obedience to the Torah reconciled to Yehovah by the cross.

What Yeshua says is this, if I pray for you, I prophecy to you, give you prophetic counseling, teach you what the Bible says, you should give to this ministry.

How much?

That is totally between you and Yehovah; the Bible says the amount is not important. What is important is that you give what extra you can provide; for some, it will be 1 USD; for others, it will be more. The only one who knows if you are obedient or not is Yehovah, who sees how much you have left to give and yourself.

The amount is not important, what is essential is that you show Yehovah your gratefulness when someone prays for you, prophecies to you, counsels you, or teaches you the word of God. So you should give out of gratefulness and love for Yehovah, and because you believe in the cross. 2.Cor 9:6-7

One other thing is essential, as well.

1. Tim 5 says your needs, and the needs of your family come first.

First of all, you have to make sure you have enough money to feed yourself, your family, and pay your regular bills. Then you give out what is left even if it is just 1 USD.

This is the test we all have to go through that determines who we worship, Yehovah, or our money. If it is Yehovah, we obey Him and first make sure we can feed ourselves and our house. Then we make sure we can pay our bills, and what is left after this belongs to Yehovah and the ministry that meets your spiritual needs.

If we are honest with ourselves, we must all admit that all of us have something left to give at the end of the month. But most of us would choose to keep that money for ourselves. When we make that choice, we are worshiping money, and worship of money plunges us into a darkness of stress, worrying fear, and anxiety.

Have you ever noticed how Yeshua begins Matt 6:25? He starts with one word, “therefore,” which connects back to the previous verses. What He is about to say now from verse 25 builds upon and hinges upon verses 22-24.

In verse 25, He says, “therefore I tell you do not worry about your life..”. Then He goes on to say we can trust Yehovah will meet all of our physical needs, but this promise has one critical condition we find in verses 25 and 33.

If we want Yehovah to meet all of our needs, we have to be Torah obedient. If we are Torah obedient, we will choose to show our obedience by giving away what we have left each month to the work of Yehovah. When we live in obedience to the Torah, also, when it comes to our money, we can trust Yehovah to meet all of our needs in this life whatever they might be.

What is your need right now?

All of us have needs in our lives, things only money can fix for us, and this stresses us and makes us anxious and worried. So we go online, and we find a ministry that is willing to pray for our needs, or we send in for a prophetic request hoping Yehovah will tell us how to fix our situation. At the same time, we are responsible adults making sure we can feed ourselves, our families, pay our bills, but we refuse to give what is left to Yehovah. We keep that one Dollar in our pocket instead of showing our gratitude to Yehovah for listening to our prayer request and giving us a prophetic word. And for some of you, it is more than just one dollar.

When we do this, it is disobedience to the Torah. We are disobedient to the Torah; we do not love Yehovah the way we should with all our heart, mind, and strength.

We have to remember, Yehovah is the God of the Hebrews. In a Hebrew culture, you prove your faith in someone, or you love for them by what you do, or dont do. (John 14:15)

So when you get desperate of your situation, you run to the nearest ministry for help and receive prayer/counseling/prophecy/teaching, the Hebrew God Yehovah is looking to see if you love Him or not or if your worship to Him on Sunday is just empty words that dont mean anything.

When He looks into your bank account, your wallet, your purse, and sees that 1 Dollar you have left (for some of you it is more) after feeding your house and caring for your needs, He is looking to see what you will do with it. Do you give it to the ministry He used to help you and show your love for Him? Or are your words of love and worship empty talk and does not mean anything?

If you truly love Him, if you are genuinely saved, you will give Him whatever it is you have left at the end of each month, and you will do it in gratitude by giving it to the ministry He used to help you.

Remember, the amount is not important. What is important is that you give something as a sign of gratitude for Yehovah guiding you to a ministry that prayed for you, prophesied to you, helped you, counseled you, and taught you the word of Yehovah.

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If you want to partner with this ministry, but you can not afford to give anything, you can become a prayer partner. Prayer partners receive all the benefits of being a partner if they pledge to pray for this ministry for 1 year.

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Benefits of being a partner

You can suggest a topic for Bible study and access in-depth Bible studies on relevant issues for a Christian. You will also receive all my e-books (as of 2020 5 in total) for free.
You will have access to new sermons, giving you a Bible perspective on issues concerning the church world and the world we live in.
All who register will receive a monthly prophecy for the length of your partnership.
You will learn how to handle your finances the Biblical way from someone who has learned by trial and error.
Prophetic counseling included in your partnership
Every day between the hours of 04:00 AM-07:00 AM CEST/CET (Central European Summer Time/Central European Time), I will be praying for my partners by name. I will take your name to Yehovah and ask Him to bless you that day, protect you, place His name upon you, your house and give you His Shalom (Yehovahs peace and wholeness of your life).

Apostle Ernie Hume