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My name is Apostle Ernie; I founded Cross of Jesus Christ Ministries in the year 2015. If you want to read my testimony, click my name in the box on the right side of the screen.

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  Up until September 2019, I published all of my sermons in the online church ( http://www.church.crossofchristlive.one . My internet provider could not give me a satisfactory SSL solution for my old site, so I had to open this instead to provide satisfactory SSL. From now on all of my sermons will be published on this site. If you wish to read one of my old sermons, click “sermon archive.” in the top menu. 

We are also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/crossofchristlive/

  As I mentioned, this site is SSL secure. This means that any information you choose to leave will be safe from hackers. 

Ministry to all, regardless of their financial status. 

 When I founded this ministry, my vision was to provide prayer, prophecy, counseling, and good Biblical based preaching for all irrespective of their financial status. 

Every Friday at 01:00 am (CEST / CET = Central European Summer Time, Central European Time) I will publish one sermon available for all and 100% free of charge. To read this sermon, click “sermons” on the right side of the screen. 

Do you want to request a prophecy? If you click “become a partner/request a prophecy” in the top menu you will find three options. Choose which one you can afford and after I have received your payment, I will send you your prophetic word within 7 days. If you are unable to pay 50 USD / 20 USD / 10 USD for a prophecy you can contact me an let me know what you can give. I will then send you a PayPal invoice with the amount you suggest. After payment has been made you will receive your prophecy.

“Why do I have to pay for a prophecy? Is not prophecy supposed to be free of charge?”

The Bible says in Gal 6:6 if you receive a prophecy, you have to give something in return. By giving you the opportunity to give something in return, I am helping you fulfill Gal 6:6.

Do you want to become a partner?

  During the week, I will publish in-depth Bible studies available only for paying members. If you want to become a paying member, click on “register” in the top menu and choose a subscription plan. This is 100% SSL secure, and payment will be made through a secure connection on PayPal. 

  What benefits are there from being a partner? 

  1. You will have access to in-depth Bible studies. 
  2. You can suggest a topic for Bible study.
  3. You will have access to new sermons, giving you a Bible perspective on issues concerning the church world in 2019 and the world we live in. 
  4. The first ten who register will receive a monthly prophecy for the length of your membership.
  5. You will learn how to handle your finances the Biblical way from someone who has learned by trial and error.
  6. Prophetic counseling included in your partnership
  7. I will pray for each partner individually each day and mention your name to Yehovah.

   Why should anyone want to become a partner? 

Giving is proof of your salvation, but do not give if you have to choose

In Lev 6:16,26 and 1.Cor 9:13, Paul says the Torah expects us to support Christian ministries with our money. If you want to be Torah obedient as a sign of your salvation (James 2:10-26, 1.John 2:6), it would be a sin for you not to support Christian ministries. Where should you give? Gal 6:6 says you should give where your spiritual needs are met. This means if this ministry spiritually feeds you through prayer, prophecy, counseling, and Biblical teachings, you must give to this ministry. How much should you give? The Torah says you should give out of gratefulness for what you have received (2.Cor 9.6-7). So allow your gratefulness for what you have received from this ministry decide how much you should give. What if you have to choose between giving and providing for yourself and your family? 1. Tim 5 says your family and your needs comes first, even before the rule in Lev 6:16,26. But if you have something to spare, after your needs have been met, you must give something or else you would be disobedient to the Torah.

Becoming a partner is an easy way for you to be obedient to the Torah, but it also makes it possible for all those who cant give, to continue to receive free ministry. 

Newsletter and weekly devotions

If you want to subscribe to my weekly devotions and newsletters on e.mail, please click “subscribe” in the top menu and fill in your contact info. 

Prayer groups

This ministry has about 195 000 members all over the world. In the top menu, you will see “prayer group for members and subscribers.” Now you can as a paying member or a subscriber post your prayer request in the prayer group of this ministry. Then other members can pray for you, and you can pray for them. 

Do you need prayer? Prophecy? Counseling?

If you need me to pray for you, contact me on Messenger on Facebook or use e.mail apostleernie@outlook.com

When I have prayed for you, you will receive a PayPal invoice. This is NOT payment for prayer; I want you to have the opportunity to fulfill Lev 6:16,26, 1.Cor 9:13 and Gal 6:6 

If you need me to prophesy to you or to counsel you, contact me on e.mail apostleernie@outlook.com 

When I have prophecied to you or advised you, you will receive a PayPal invoice. This allows you to fulfill Lev 6:16,26, 1.Cor 9:13 and Gal 6:6

I am just one man, and sometimes there are more than 25 requests pr.day, so please allow for 3-4 days response time. 

Yehovah bless you

Apostle Ernie

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