The secret of the church

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2 thoughts on “The secret of the church

  1. Paul was a Hellenized Jew. He brought the polytheism of the Greeks into the newly forming Christian religion. Paul never met yeszua, and was trying to thrust his Christ cult into the Yeshua cult, and the collision resulted inn Trinitarianism. With gods and godlings, mother of god, angels, archangels, devil and demons, the Christian beliefs have more entities than the Greek or the Egyptian pantheons. It is very polytheistic, and the Jews rejected the Christians because the Jews were strictly monotheistic.
    Christianity is a hot mess when it comes to theology.

    1. Hello Douglas, nice to hear from you.

      I know what you are saying is the opinion of several theologians, but I also know they are biased in their understanding of the Bible and how the Old relates to the New Testament. Can you prove what you are saying, only by using the Bible? If you cant, then you are just voicing the opinion of theologians.

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