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The current coronavirus situation has led to many people being concerned, afraid, worried, and fearful for the future. In times like these, prayer and a word from Yehovah can help.

Do you need prayer? It is 100% free of charge, contact me using e.mail or click “send message” on the top of the page. Send me your prayer request, and I will pray for you, free of charge.

Starting today, March 16, 2020, and lasting for two weeks from today, you can request a prophecy for free. When so many people, all over the world, are anxious and fearful over the current coronavirus crisis, this is the right thing to do.

Do you want to request a prophecy? Contact me using e.mail or click “send message” on the top of the page, and I will prophecy to you, free of charge.

Read this, before you request a prophecy:

What is a prophecy?

Prophecy is not fortune-telling; it is me asking Yehovah on your behalf what He wants to tell you right now. Prophecy is not a guarantee; you still have free will to choose to go this or that way. Prophecy is not always encouraging; it could be a criticism if there are things in your life that need to change. You cant request a prophecy for someone else except for your children and your spouse. You can ask questions in your request, but I can’t guarantee Yehovah will answer them.

What about money?

The Bible says you should always give something in return when you are being ministered to. But it also says that anyone with a spiritual gift is to use that gift to help people in times of need.

Right now, the world is very different from what it was three weeks ago, and this is why for the next two weeks, I am making it possible for you to request a prophecy 100% free of charge.

The Bible does not change just because of a crisis; it still says you should give something back to the ministry, which helps you. For the next two weeks, this is between you and Yehovah. He sees whetever or not you are able to give when you request a prophecy. If you are able to give, but you choose not to, Yehovah will know, and it will affect the outcome of your prophetic word.

So take advantage of this offer today and request a word from Yehovah.

Keep in mind, this is a one person ministry so that the response time will be 1-3 days.

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