How to be saved

What is salvation?

Rom 3:23, Isaiah 53:6, 1. John 3:4, we have all broken Yehovah’s Torah. (the Torah is the written law of Moses)
According to the Bible, this is why we need salvation because we are all guilty of disobeying Yehovah’s Torah.

How do we get saved?

Matt 19:16-22 says we find eternal life if we repent back to the Torah.

So we get saved by obeying the Torah, according to the Bible.

This coincides with Jesus’s teachings; all throughout the Gospels, He taught His disciples to obey righteousness and obey Moses’s law. (Matt 6:25-34, 23:2)

It also coincides with 1. John and James 2, which says if we do not obey the Torah, our faith in the cross and what Jesus did for us can not save us.

The Torah says that because we have all sinned (Rom 3:23, Isaiah 53:6), we need to atone for our sins and repent. In the Torah, the only way to atone would be to make the journey to the temple in Jerusalem and sacrifice on the altar (Lev 17:11)

The temple is gone; the Romans destroyed it, so we can’t do that anymore.

We humans, not Yehovah, destroyed the temple. But luckily Yehovah has given us The greatest gift in His Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ) (John 1:29, John 3.16)

John the Baptist identifies Yeshua as the sacrificial lamb of Yehovah, who takes away the world’s sins. We read this again in the book of Hebrews, where it says Yeshua is our high priest in the temple in the heavens making atonement for us with His Blood.

Even though the temple is gone, we still have an opportunity to atone for our sins by believing in the Blood of Yeshua spilled on the cross for our sins.

Faith in the cross and the Blood of Yeshua requires us to repent. We can not go on sinning if we accept the Blood (Hebr 10:29, Rom 6:1)

We understand we do not need the temple; we can atone for our sins by faith in the cross and what Yeshua did for us. But if we believe in what He did and at the same time reject the Torah, He will reject us. (Matt 7:21-23, Hebr 10:29, Rom 6:1)

So how do we get saved, according to the Bible?

First, we must repent back to the Torah; then, we must obey the Torahs commanding us to sacrifice for our sins by trusting in what Yeshua did for us at the cross.

Then, and only then, are we saved according to the Bible.

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