This weeks devotion: Can we judge God?

19 January 2020
Series: Devotional
Topic: God , judge , righteusness

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Do you believe we have the right to judge? The Bible speaks of judging others as self-righteousness, so we are allowed to make judgments between right or wrong, sin, or righteousness, but we are not allowed to be self-righteous. What is self-righteousness? You are self-righteous if you believe you have done nothing wrong and have the right to judge others for their sins. What about moral superiority complex? Moral superiority complex happens when you think your actions are justified by having higher moral values than others. What would happen if you showed up at work late hungover, thinking your actions are warranted by having higher moral values? At the same time, believing you had done nothing wrong, so you had every right to judge your boss and how he lived his life? You would soon be out of a job. Why? Because he is the one who decides who gets to keep the job or not, and he does not want anyone who refuses to obey his rules. What happens when you shake your fist at Yehovah, accusing Him of genocide and mass murder, thinking your sins of theft, lying, and hate are justified because you at least did not commit mass murder? Or even worse, what happens when you shake your fist at Yehovah, accusing Him of mass murder, thinking you have done nothing wrong?

In both cases, you will soon find yourself in hell serving an eternity for all the times you lied; you stole, you hated, and chose not to forgive. Why? Because He is Yehovah, our God, the one who created us and has never sinned. He does not want to share heaven and eternity with anyone who loves to tell lies, refuses to forgive, and takes things that do not belong to them. So what about the mass murders and genocides? Do we have the right to judge Yehovah, our God, for committing mass murder and genocide? Only those who have never sinned a day in his or her life has the right to judge Yehovah. (John 8:7) Repent from being self-righteous and your moral superiority complex while there is still time.