A key to wealth and riches?

30 September 2019
A key to wealth and riches?

Is there such a thing as a key to wealth and riches? Judged by what is happening in the world today, the answer seems to be yes, but that key does not belong to us Christians. Saved and unsaved people alike share one thing; we tend to struggle in our finances. Perhaps there is no such key to wealth and riches?
The Bible promises several times over that those who belong to Christ have no reason to worry about their finances. It even goes as far as to say in Matt 6:25-34 if we are saved, our Father in heaven promises to care for us and meet all our physical needs. So from the words of Yeshua Himself, He says that if we are saved, we should never have to worry about money or how to pay our bills and buy what we need.
If you are saved, why do you worry so much about money? Why do you get so easily stressed out if you can’t make rent this month? Do you not trust what Yeshua said in Matt 6:25-34?
The Bible says in the book of Revelation, there will come a time when Christians who have money will not be able to use it. Can you imagine such a scenario? Even though you have the money, you can’t just go and buy food for your family if you are a Christian. Only those who have accepted the mark of the beast will be allowed to buy or sell what they need. If you take the mark, you will lose your salvation.
Nobody knows precisely what the mark of the beast will be, but we see a potential candidate in Chinas social credit system.
In a world where you will have to renounce your salvation to buy what you need, you are going to need a firm trust in Yeshua and His promises in Matt 6:25-34. How will you survive in such a future if you are already now, in this present day and age, struggling to trust that Yeshua meant what He said in Matt 6:25-34?
Yeshua knows what is coming in the future; He is the one who knows if you will be faced with the choice between taking the mark and surviving or having to live by faith and trust in His promises. Yeshua uses the current financial crisis in your life to train you and help you to trust Him for your provision. That way, you will be ready for what is coming down the line.
Perhaps you will never have to choose between taking the mark or having to live by faith and trust in His promises. But even so, it should concern you that a lack of money has the potential to stress you and fill you with anxiety and worry.
When a lack of something makes us worried and anxious, we depend on that something for our happiness, our survival, and our peace of mind. The Bible says in the Torah Yehovah (God) is our only source of joy, survival, and peace of mind. So if a lack of money makes us worried and anxious, money has taken the place of Yehovah in our life, and that is idolatry.
Perhaps you have questioned why Yeshua has not yet answered your prayer for financial help. If your current financial crisis affects your joy, your peace of mind and your hope for survival to such a degree that the only solution you see is money, money has become an idol in your life.
Why should Yeshua answer your prayers when that would only lead you deeper into idolatry and worship of money?
The Bible says in the Gospel of John Yeshua loves us. Because of His love for us, He can not just sit back and allow you to go deeper into idolatry. This is why He is not answering your prayer right now because He wants you to repent from the worship of money and come back to a restored relationship with Him where He is your only source of joy, happiness, and peace of mind.
How do you repent? By choosing that whatever financial crisis you are in right now, it will not affect your peace of mind, your joy, and your happiness. By choosing to trust what Yeshua says in Matt 6:25-34, regardless of what is happening in your life right now.
The number one reason why Christians struggle financially is a lack of trust and worship of money, instead of worshiping Yeshua.
The second reason why Christians struggle financially is a lack of obedience.
Christians tend to read the parts of the Bible they like, but skip over and ignore the parts they dont like. Most Christians love reminding themselves of the promises of Yeshua, how He promises to be with us, protect us, heal us, provide for us, and be our God. What we usually ignore are the parts of the Bible that are conditional. For every promise in the Bible, there are one or more conditions we have to meet before we can partake in the promise.
In Matt 6:25-34 Yeshua promises to meet all of our needs and tells us how our Father in heaven knows what we need even before we know it ourselves. The condition of this promise is that we choose to live righteously. So what is righteousness? How do we make that choice to live righteously?
The Bible says in the book of 1. John those who live righteously obey the written Torah (what we call the written law of Moses). So according to Matt 6:25-34 the condition for having all our needs met is a willingness on our part to obey the written Torah. If we do not obey, our needs will not be met.
Most Christians have learned and believed the lie that says we can’t obey the written Torah because it is a burden to us. This lie is one of the main reasons why so many Christians are struggling financially right now.
If we repent from worshiping money and start obeying the Torah, we will begin walking in the financial promises of the Bible.
In a world governed by money, what would have happened when Christians suddenly started living in the financial promises of the Bible? What would have happened if the unsaved suddenly saw their saved neighbor have all their needs met supernaturally? They would know there is a God, and His name is Yehovah. Do you see why the devil is working so hard trying to make Christians believe obedience to the written Torah is legalism? He works so hard trying to convince them obedience to the Torah is legalism because he knows that if they obeyed it, their needs would be met and this world would be saved. Do you know why he works so hard, trying to convince Christians to get stressed out and anxious about money? Because he knows that if Christians are stressed out and worried about money, they are guilty of idol worship. If they are guilty of idol worship, they are not saved and will never see the fulfillment of the promises of God in their life. If they never know the realization, this world will never see it, and nobody will be saved.
What is Yehovah’s view of money?
The Bible says in the book of Deuteronomy, and the book of Proverbs, the money in this world belongs to the righteous. It even says in the book of Deuteronomy, Yehovah gives us the power and anointing to obtain money as long as we are righteous.
If we are righteous by obedience to the written Torah, then we understand that the book of Proverbs says the money in this world belongs to those who obey the Torah. We also understand the book of Deuteronomy says those who follow the Torah will be given power and anointing to obtain money. This is what Yeshua is talking about in Matt 6:25-34, if we obey the written Torah, all our needs will be met.
From all of this, we understand Yehovah has nothing against money. He even wants us to have money because He knows that money in the hands of someone who obeys His Torah will make this world a better place.
The question then gives itself, if we started obeying the Torah today and we made a choice not to worship money, would all our needs be met tomorrow?
We know Yehovah can not lie because He is not a man. So if He promises to meet all our financial needs if we obey the Torah, then that is what will happen if we obey the Torah. Will it happen right away?
Repentance is an individual process; for some, it will take quite some time. For others, it will be quick. The Torah says repentance has to happen before anything can change, and only Yehovah sees the hearts. He is the only one who knows when we have genuinely repented.
So to answer your question, for some it will happen right away for others, it will take some time. As long as we do not give up and keep obeying the Torah, facing every financial crisis with trust in Yeshua and His promises, we will see all our needs met in the end.
But what about the time in between, the time from when repentance starts and until we see our needs met?
When our forefathers left Egypt, they wandered around the desert for 40 years. All that time, Yehovah cared for them, fed them, made sure their clothes did not wear out. That was their time of repentance from acknowledging the need to repent and until it happened.
From this, we know that Yehovah guarantees to care for us and meet all our needs while we are repenting. So you can know for sure, that as long as you are genuinely pursuing a life of Torah obedience, Yeshua will meet all your financial needs. And when He sees your heart has sincerely repented, you will be allowed to enter the promised land of financial freedom.
There is another side to this as well, the period between repenting and granted access to the promised land. Moses was denied entrance to the promised land because of a lack of trust. If we fail and stumble in our walk, we could also be denied access to the promised land.
It is our responsibility to make sure we fight the good fight of faith and never give in to a lack of trust. How can we do this? By choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, no matter what happens around us.
Is there such a key to wealth and riches? Yes and no, there is a key to having all your needs met to such a degree that you have extra to give. The key is Torah obedience, choosing at all times to walk in obedience to the Torah no matter what happens to us.

Yehovah bless you

Apostle Ernie