A new heart

20 July 2020
A new heart

If you have followed my teachings on the Torah, you know how to be a disciple of Yeshua. But then there might still be some of you who believe the Bible is wrong, and only the moral commandments apply to us as Christians.

One of the things we learned over the past few weeks was how we could atone for our sins, according to the Torah. Lev 17:11 showed us how the blood of bulls and goats did take away and atoned for unintentional sins; it did not just cover it up. We also learned how the Torah does not expect sinless perfection. The Torah clearly showed us how it expects us to commit unintentional sins and how to atone for them in the temple.

The cornerstone of the Christian faith is the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. We believe He died for our sins, and we believe His Blood was the perfect sacrifice well able to atone for our sins. As Christians, this is why we believe He was the sacrificial lamb of God (John 1:29) and why His Blood met all the requirements of all the sacrificial commandments in the Torah. Even though the temple does not exist today, we know that we can still atone by faith in what Jesus did for us.

Do you see the connection between the Torah and the cross? The Torah’s sacrificial laws are the very foundation for your Christian faith. By believing He died for your sins, you are obedient to all the Torah’s sacrificial commandments. As a Christian, how can you think you are unable to obey the Torah or believe the Torah is a burden when you show by faith you are well to obey?

Perhaps you are one of those who believe you are well able to obey both the sacrificial laws and moral commandments. When it comes to Shabbat or food laws or any other commandment you dont like, you have decided to trust your pastor’s interpretation of the Bible instead of the Bible itself?

In Matt 7:21-23, a group of Christians has just died. Some of them had ministries here on earth; they did great and mighty things in the name of Jesus. Demons were even subject to the name of Jesus in them, and many people got delivered. Even so, we see Yeshua telling them, “depart from Me, for I never knew you, you who are without Torah.”

This group of Christians did everything correctly. They prayed in the name of Jesus; they cast out demons in the name of Jesus and even called Jesus Lord. Why then did Yeshua tell them “depart from Me”?

James 2:10 says, whoever keeps the whole Torah but stumbles in one commandment are guilty of breaking them all. James is trying to tell us that if you do everything right except for one commandment, your disobedience to that one commandment nullifies your obedience to the rest.

James 2:10 explains Matt 7:21-23 for us.

When a Christian obeys the sacrificial laws by faith in the cross, and the moral commandments, but rejects the rest of the Torah, your obedience is nullified by your disobedience. Your obedience to the sacrificial laws, to the moral commandments, does not count because of your rebellion and rejection of the other commandments.

Yeshua says the same thing in Matt 23:2, 5:17, 19:16-30. If we want to inherit eternal life, we have to obey Moses Torah.

Wait a minute, are you saying works can save us!??

When Yehovah saved our forefathers out of Egypt, they had done nothing to deserve it. Yehovah saved them because of the promise He gave to Abraham. After He had saved them, He gave them the Torah at Mount Sinai. So the Torah was not given to save them; it was given to show them how to live saved.

When Yehovah gave us Yeshua (John 3:16), we had done nothing to deserve it. The Torah says we can only atone in the temple in Jerusalem, and now that is gone, we would have no way of atoning had it not been for the gift given to us in Yeshua. The only reason why Yehovah gave us this gift is because of the promise He gave to Abraham. Now that He has saved us, He expects us to live as saved people.

If Malachi 3:6 is correct, and Yehovah never changes, He expects us to live as saved people in obedience to the Torah.

Do you see the connection between what happened in the Exodus from Egypt and our salvation at the cross? Do you see how the Torah was never given to save anyone, but the Torah was given to show us how to live as saved people?

So am I saying works can save us?

The Bible says, in 1. John 2, James 2, Rom 3:31, Rom 6:1 the Torah can not save us, but if we dont obey the Torah as saved people, our faith is dead and unable to save us.

So the Torah can not save us, but if we dont obey the Torah, we are not saved, and nowhere does it say we are only to follow the sacrificial laws and the moral commandments. Instead, it says, in James 2, we have to obey every commandment applicable to us.

Most Christians today obey only parts of the Torah, but they honestly believe they dont have to keep Shabbat or eat kosher. The Bible clearly says, in James 2, their obedience counts as nothing because they have chosen to disobey the rest of the Torah.

The Torah has 613 commandments, and as we have learned over the past few weeks, they dont all apply to us. Some are just for women; some are just for men. Others are conditional, only for wars, lepers, priests and the high priest. I would like to remind you that if you visit the sermon section in this ministry, you will find every teaching I have done on the Torah, and they are all free of charge. Your decision to study and learn the Torah can literally save your soul.

Now that we know what we know, why are there still some of you who choose to reject the Torah? You know what the Bible says, but you would instead go with what your pastor/priest/denomination teaches than what Yeshua and Yehovah have shown us in His word.

The year 2020 has not turned out the way we expected it to. America is in chaos, COVID-19 has changed our society, and we dont know what the future might hold for us. No matter if you have chosen to reject parts of the Torah, or obey everything, you know the Bible warns us of impending judgment on this earth.

In Matt 7, Yeshua says whoever obeys His teachings on the Torah will be like a man who builds his house on the rock. Rain, floods, the wind came down and beat at that house, but it did not fall. Yeshua says whoever hears His teaching on the Torah but does not obey it, will be like a man who builds his house on sand. Rain, floods, the wind came down and beat at that house, and it did fall, and great was its fall. In Rev 12 and Rev 14, we understand what Yeshua is referring to here in Matt 7. Those who obey the Torah and have their faith in the cross will overcome the devil himself.

We dont know what will happen one year from now, but we know that our God will judge every nation on this earth. When that happens, only those who obey the Torah and believe in the cross will stand. Even though we are forgiven, reconciled, righteous by faith, and obedient to the Torah, we are still citizens of our country and share in their collective guilt. If we share in their collective guilt, we will also share in the consequences of the judgment coming upon our nations. But we have this promise; if we obey the Torah, and believe in the cross, we will not be swept away by such a judgment.

This promise also applies to us on a personal level.

Perhaps one year from now, everything is normal, and nothing has happened. Maybe Covid-19 has gone, and we are back to where we used to be before the world was filled with chaos. But what we do know is this: each day of our lives, the wind, the rain, and floods threaten to sweep us away. But if we keep Torah, and believe in the cross, we will stand through it all no matter what life might throw us.

So let me end with this today when you know what the Bible says about Torah and all the promises connected to it, why then would you instead choose to rebel and only believe in the sacrificial laws and the moral commandments?

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