A prophecy

20 March 2020

Series: Prophecy

A prophecy
I was just given this prophecy by Yehovah:
This shall pass, and the people of the earth will rejoice when this is over. They will claim, “we did this,” but they will scoff at those who say Yehovah caused the plague to retreat. They will not honor Yehovah; they will not even give thanks to Yehovah. They will use this to celebrate humanity and what humanity accomplished, and this will be the start of the appearance of the antichrist. Those who claim to know Me and My Son will beat their chests in pride and say, “I did this, my prayers caused this to happen,” but then they will turn right around and do the abominable things.
When I turn this around and cause the pestilence to retreat, there will be a time of peace, celebration, and rejoicing, says Yehovah. I will use that time to take note of who among you acknowledges Me, trusts in Me, and follows Me. I will also use this time to take note of who among you rejects Me and who takes credit for what I have done.
After a time has passed, I will unleash another plague, something worse on humanity. This time people will look at Covid-19 and say it was difficult, but this that is happening now is terrible, and humanity will not survive. For a time, I will allow humanity to take credit for overcoming the next trial as well. Causalities will be high this time, and the survivors will take credit for being smart, having prayed, and being “chosen” to survive. But if they do, a third trail and much worse then the two before that will follow.
This does not need to happen says Yehovah, this can be the first and last test. If only humanity will repent and come back to Me there will be no more tests. But I know already what will happen, for I have seen man is proud, sinful and arrogant and desire nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They claim to know Me, they claim to know my Son, but they reject who I am, so they also reject My Son.
For the sake of the earth, for the sake of the animals, there will be a pause between the two.
To My people, those who know Me, I Yehovah say this: do not fear when this is unleashed upon the earth, for I know who you are, I know where you live, I know how to protect you, provide for you and how to care for those who are called by My Name, the Name of Yehovah. Do NOT give in to fear, and you will see as your forefathers saw the light in Goshen when the rest of Egypt was in darkness.
Fear is a stumbling block that will cause you
Oh, my heart is heavy for the earth, says Yehovah, for this need not happen, this that is to come upon humanity but humanity will not listen to Me, so My fury and judgment will come in three waves, and this is the first says Yehovah.