The spirit of the Antichrist in the church

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Yehovah hears the prayers of those who obey His Torah, (1.John 9:31, 1.Pet 3:12.) And we know those who follow His Torah are descendants of Abraham (Gen 17:7.) We also know obedience to the Torah is not diminishing the cross in any way because you can only obey the Torah if you also believe in the cross. The Torah calls for a sacrifice for our sins; if we do not sacrifice for our sins, we are not obeying Torah. We can not go to the temple in Jerusalem and sacrifice now, the only way we can be obedient to the Torah is by faith in the cross where Yeshua died for our sins. We see this in Rev 12, and Rev 14, where it says that those who obey the Torah and believe in the cross will overcome the devil.

So if the Bible says the Torah is this important, but mainstream Christianity tells us the Torah was done away with at the cross, we know something is wrong somewhere, and it is not something with the Bible.

In Daniel 11:37, the Bible says the Antichrist will show no regard for the Gods of his fathers. This tells us two things; the Antichrist will be born as a Jew, but he will reject Judaism and the Torah. In 2. Thess 2:8-10, the Bible says the Antichrist will reject the Torah and Matt 7:21-23 says Yeshua do not know those who reject the Torah. So how do we recognize the Antichrist? By his rejection of the Torah. What is mainstream Christianity telling its followers to do? They are telling their followers to reject Torah.

We do not know who the Antichrist will be, but what we can see from the text in the Bible is that he will be born as a Jew and reject Torah. He could be a Muslim, but he could also very well be a Christian because the Bible says his spirit rejects the Torah. (1. John 4:2)

How can the Antichrist be a Christian?

Mainstream Christianity says the Torah was done away with at the cross, and everyone who tries to obey the Bible and what it says about the Torah has fallen from grace and made Christ of no effect. Mainstream Christianity also believes in the importance of supporting Israel and the Jews.

If a politician claimed to be a born again Christian who rejects Torah, a supporter of Israel, and Jewish born, most Christians would support him and see him as an answer to prayer. Most Jews would accept him because he claims to be born by a Jewish mother, so even though he is a Christian, he is also Jewish by birth. Most secular Jews have no problem accepting a Christian who supports them.

This is how Antichrist could very well be a Christian, but of course, he could also be a Muslim.
What it comes down to is this, we dont know ahead of time, but we know how to identify him when the time comes. The Antichrist will reject the Torah, that is how we will know who he is.

But we do know this: when the Antichrist comes, mainstream Christianity will be his greatest supporters. How do we know this? Because they both reject the Torah.

Have you been conditioned by mainstream Christianity to accept the Antichrist?

If you believe the Torah was done away with at the cross, the answer is yes.

1.John 4:2-4 says the spirit of the Antichrist is among us today. So even though we dont know about any politician who fulfills the requirements for the Antichrist, we know his spirit is here in the world today.

When you see a church, who rejects the Torah, you see a church filled with the spirit of the Antichrist.

1. John 4:2 says, “By this, you will know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is from God is the spirit of the Antichrist.” Matt 8:29, Mark 1:24, Mark 5:7, Acts 19:15, James 2:19 says the evil spirits have no problem confessing Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.

John’s statement in 1. John 4:2 refers back to John 1:14, 1. Cor 12:3, John 7:16, John 8:31-36. So what John is saying in 1. John 4:2 is this: By this, you will know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that agrees with the teachings of Jesus is from God, and every spirit that rejects Jesus’s teachings is the spirit of the Antichrist.

What did Jesus teach His disciples?

Matt 5:17-19, 23:2, 7:21-23, John 8:31-36, He taught them how to obey the Torah.

How do we recognize the Antichrist?

2.Thess 2:8-10, Daniel 11:37, the Antichrist will reject Torah.

What are mainstream Christianity teachings its followers?

To reject the Torah.

What spirit has filled mainstream Christianity?

The spirit of the Antichrist who rejects the Torah (1.John 4:2.)

Have you accepted the spirit of the Antichrist without being aware of it? If you are a mainstream Christian, who believes the Torah was done away with, the answer is yes.

Repent while it is still time and come back to Yehovah, come back to His Son by repenting back to the Torah. Become a true descendant of Abraham, and live the overcoming life where you will have victory over the devil. (John 14, 8:31-36, Matt 5:17-19, 1.Cor 12:3, John 7:16, Rev 12, Rev 14, Gen 17:7)
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