Gods children, the true story

20 April 2020
Series: Bible study
Topic: child , God

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Gal 3:26, we read, “You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” In Deut 13:8-14:1, we read, “because you obey Yehovah your God, keeping all His commandments I am giving you today, doing what is right in the eyes of Yehovah you are the sons of Yehovah.” In Rom 8:14, we read, “For all who are lead by the Spirit of Yehovah are the sons of Yehovah.”

The word used for son in these verses is the Greek word huios, which could just as well be translated as a descendant of Yehovah. So this is a gender-neutral word and applies to both men and women. So let me ask you this question, are you a descendant of Yehovah led by the Spirit of Yehovah?

The Bible says you can only be a descendant of Yehovah as long as your faith is active and visible for all to see. If the people around you can’t see what you believe in, then you are not saved and not a child of Yehovah. (Deut 13:8-14:1, James 2:10-26)

But what about Galatians 3:26 or John 3:16?

James 2:10-26, Deut 13:8-14:1 says faith in Christ has to be visible for all to see. Galatians 3:26 and John 3:16 is not a contradiction to James 2:10-26, Deut 13:8-14:1. These two verses explain what it means to believe in Christ in Gal 3:26, John 3:16. If you believe in Jesus and your faith is evident for everyone to see, then you are saved.

So how should people see our faith? What is the evidence of our faith?

Paul answers this question for us in Gal 5:22-23 when he describes the fruits of the spirit. He then goes on to say, in verse 25, we will have the fruits of the spirit in our lives if we walk in the spirit. So what does it mean to walk in the spirit?

Paul answer this question for us in Rom 8. In Rom 8:7 Paul says we walk in the spirit if we submit to Gods law, and if we submit to Gods law, we will have life (Rom 8:13) and become descendants of Yehovah (Rom 8:13-17.)

Are you a descendant of Yehovah, led by the spirit of Yehovah?

The Bible says if you are, you have to submit to His law the law of Yehovah. What is “the law of Yehovah”? The book of Deuteronomy, Joshua 1:8, the Gospels, Johns, Peters, James, Pauls’s letters, and the book of Revelation all say the same thing. The law of God is the Torah, the written law of Moses.

So, according to the Bible, we can only be children of Yehovah if we submit to the Torah (the written law of Moses.)

Are you a descendant of Yehovah, led by His spirit?

When I asked you this question at the beginning of this devotion, your answer was yes. But now your answer has perhaps changed, and you would say no, not according to the Bible.

The only one who decides if you are a child of Yehovah is Yehovah Himself. What the church says about the Torah, what your pastor believes, and preaches about the Torah does not matter. The only one who decides who His children are is Yehovah Himself.

When Yehovah says submission to the Torah is what makes us His children, then submission to the Torah is what makes us children of Yehovah even if the church disagrees.

So what about Jesus and the cross?

The Torah says it is impossible to become sinless in this life; all people everywhere will always commit unintentional sins. When we sin (the New Testament says sin is breaking the written law of Moses/ The Torah), the Torah commands us to atone with a sacrifice in the temple.

The temple in Jerusalem is gone; it does no longer exist. If we submit to the Torah, we have to obey the Torah’s commandments for an atoning sacrifice for our sins. The only way we can do this now is by faith in what Yeshua did for us at the cross. So the cross can not be separated from the Torah, and the Torah can not be separated from the cross. If we obey the Torah, we have to believe in the cross. If we believe in the cross, we have to obey the Torah.

Why do we have to obey the Torah if we believe in the cross?

If you committed a crime and the police arrested you and sentenced you to jail, you would have no choice but to accept the consequences of your sins. Because you broke the law, you would have to give up your freedom and serve your time behind bars.

If somebody volunteered to take your place in jail and serve as a substitute for you, you would be grateful beyond words. You would have the opportunity to continue living your life outside of prison, knowing the demands of the law were met because somebody loved you enough to serve your jail time for you. If this had happened to you, you would show your appreciation and gratefulness for the one who took your place in jail by never again breaking the law. You would become the most law-abiding citizen in the world, proving his sacrifice for you was not in vain.

Why do you have to obey the Torah if you believe in the cross?

Because of your love for Yeshua. He volunteered to take upon Himself your guilt and your punishment for all the times you broke the law of Moses. If you understand what happened at the cross, you will be the most law-abiding Christian in the world out of gratefulness and love for what Yeshua did for you. You would do everything in your power to prove His sacrifice was not in vain.

This is why you have to obe the Torah if you believe in the cross.

Are you a descendant of Yehovah led by His spirit? If the answer is no, you can become one right now. Start by repenting, which means you decide that from now on, you will learn and obey the written law of Moses. Obey the written Torah by sacrificing for your sins by believing in the cross, and Yeshua, who died for your sins, was buried and resurrected. (Acts 15:20,21.)

Have you done this?

If the answer is yes, then you can now call yourself a descendant of Yehovah, a child of God, led by His Spirit.

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