Are you legalistic?

24 November 2020

Series: Devotional

Are you legalistic?

What exactly is legalism?

The standard Christian answer would be Moses’s law instead of the grace of Christ, but what if that was the wrong answer?

In Romans 5 and 6, Paul says legalism is the opposite of law and grace is the opposite of legalism. The opposite of law is lawlessness, and lawlessness is being without Torah.

Paul is trying to tell us, here in Romans 5 and 6, that if we follow Moses’ law (the Torah), we will be righteous. We will live and walk in grace, having peace with Yehovah. According to Paul, if we reject the Torah as most Christians do, we are legalistic, and legalism is a sure way to make Yehovah angry and a guaranteed way to sin.

Do not be legalistic; repent from legalism and come back to Torah today.

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