Are you saved by grace through faith?

6 January 2022

Series: Shabbat sermons

Are you saved by grace through faith?

Romans 3.25: God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his Blood—to be received by faith

Do you believe Christ died for your sins?

If you believe, has it affected how you live your life? Has your life changed after you started believing Christ died for you?

When we say we believe in something, it can affect how we live our lives, or it might not affect how we live our lives. I believe the sky is blue, but it does not make a change in how I live my life. But if I believe I could die from smoking cigarettes, I would choose to act on my faith and quit smoking to protect my health.

It is also possible to believe in something someone did but not necessarily believe in them. I believe Joe Biden got elected as the next American President, but I choose not to believe in him or what he says. So even though I believe in what he did, I do not believe in him, and my faith in what he did does not make a change in how I live my life.

Most Christians who believe in what Jesus did for them would say it affects how they live their lives. Ever since they started believing in the cross, they are now reading their Bibles, praying, going to church, and some have even been set free from drugs or other addictions.

Does this make you righteous by faith?

The Bible says the object of your faith determines if you are righteous by faith. In Romans 4, Paul the Apostle gives us a good example illustrating this.

Paul says Abraham believed Yehovah, and it was counted to him as righteousness. (Gen 15:6)

This tells us the object of Abrahams’s faith was Yehovah. Abraham believed Yehovah and because he believed he was righteous by faith. Why did he believe Yehovah? Gen 25:6 tells us he believed Yehovah’s instructions and acted upon them; this is why Abraham became righteous by faith.

In John 3:36, Jesus says anyone who obeys His teachings will have eternal life. Another way of saying this would be that anyone who believes the Son and what He teaches and acts on their beliefs will have eternal life. What did Jesus teach us to do? To obey Yehovah’s instructions, what are His instructions? According to the Bible, it is the written law of Moses.

So what Paul and Jesus are both saying is that if we believe Yehovah’s instructions and show we believe by choosing to obey them, we will be righteous by faith. (Rom 2:13, 3:25) If we are righteous by faith, the Blood of Christ will atone for us. (Rom 3:25)

So the only way for us to atone for our sins by faith is to first repent from lawlessness to law and show Yehovah we believe His Torah (the written law of Moses.)

If you believe in the Blood, but you have chosen to reject the law, the book of James, Matthew 7:21-23, and Paul says your faith in the cross is dead and unable to save you. Paul even goes a step further, when he in the book of Romans, says cursed by anyone who believes the law of Moses is rejected.

Are you saved by grace through faith?

According to Paul, only if you believe Yehovah’s Torah (which we usually refer to as the written law of Moses) and who you believe by choosing to live by it. Then and only then will the Blood of Jesus atone for your sins.

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