Are you saved in the name?

12 July 2020
Are you saved in the name?

In John 17:6, Yeshua says, “I have revealed your name to them.” In John 5:43, “I have come in my Father’s name.” In John 14:26, “The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name.”

There is no question about it; the name is essential, but what is the name?

When Yeshua spoke those words, He spoke Hebrew. To understand what Yeshua was referring to, we have to understand what a name means in Hebrew.

A name in Hebrew can be the name of a person, but it can also be that person’s reputation and personality.

If you know someone and have a relationship with them, it would be easy to describe their personality and character. We Christians often brag about how it is not a religion but a relationship, so let me ask you, how would you describe Yeshua’s character and personality?

We Christians tend to focus so much on what happened on the cross that we have neglected Yeshua’s personality. If we can not describe someone’s nature we dont know them, and they dont know us, we have no relationship with that person. One way of getting to know Yeshua is by listening to what He taught His disples.

So what did He teach His disciples? He taught His disciples to obey Moses (Matt 23:2.) If you reject Moses, you are not a disciple of Yeshua and not even saved. This is not something I am pulling out of a hat; this is in the Bible.

Yeshua says this in Luke 6:46, Matt 7:21-23, John 14; He has no friendship and no relationship with those who claim Him as their Lord and, at the same time, reject Moses’s law. If you believe in the cross, AND obey Moses, you are saved and a disciple of Yeshua (Luke 6:46, Matt 7.21-23, James 2, 1.John 2)

What we now know explains John 17:6 to us.

In John 17:6, Yeshua says He has revealed His Father’s name to the world. When it speaks of the name, it refers to someone’s given name and someone’s character and personality.

How would you describe the Fathers character and personality?

The Old Testament shows us time and time again how Yehovah, the Father of Yeshua, loves, protects, and enters into a relationship and friendship with those who obey His Torah (the written law of Moses.) So if you described the Father’s personality, it would be correct to say He loves the Torah (the written law of Moses.)

When Yeshua tells others to obey the Torah, protect the Torah, and love the Torah, He reveals His Father’s character and personality to the world. When Yeshua says only those who share His views on the Torah can become His friends, He reveals His Father’s character and personality to the world. This is what Yeshua is saying in John 17:6; He has revealed His Fathers character and personality to the world by showing everyone how relevant the Torah is for a Christian.

Because He shares His Father’s views on the Torah, He shares His Father’s character and personality. This is why He says, in John 5:43, He has come in His Father’s character and personality and why His Father will send the Holy Spirit who has the same character and personality as them (John 14:26)

So now we know how to identify the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit loves the Torah (the written law of Moses.) He protects the Torah, teaches the Torah, and dwells in people who share His views on the Torah. (John 14.) Just as Yeshua and Yehovah can only have a relationship and friendship with those who share their views on the Torah, the Holy Spirit only dwells in those who share His views on the Torah.

In John 17:11, Yeshua says His Father’s character and personality protects us, just as He is protected by sharing His personality.

This is very important for us to understand.

What Yeshua is saying here is that our protection and what we need comes by us sharing His, His Fathers, and the Holy Spirits’ character and personality. John the Apostle and Paul the Apostle both agrees to this in 1. John 2 and 1.Cor 11 when they strongly encourage their readers to imitate the life of Christ. James the Apostle says, in James 2 if we do not share in their character and personality, we are not even saved.

Now we need to ask some tough questions:

Can you honestly say mainstream Christianity shares in Yeshua’s, Yehovah’s, and the Holy Spirits’ character and personality? Mainstream Christianity believes in what Yeshua did for us, but they reject what He taught us by rejecting the Torah. So the answer would be no, they do not share in their character and personality.

As we have seen today, if the answer is no, then it is not Yeshua of the Bible they believe in. They believe in and preach a Jesus who came to start a new religion and free his followers from the Torah’s burden. This Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible.

Who do you believe in? Who is your Lord?

Jesus of mainstream Christianity who “came to do away with the Torah?”

Yeshua of the Bible, who came to teach us to obey the Torah and how to do it?

How you answer that question determines if you will ever hear “depart from Me for I do not know who you are, you who are without Torah.” (Matt 7:21-23) If you will live a blessed or a cursed life (Deut 28:1-45, Matt 6:25-34.) If you will overcome the devil, or if the devil will overcome you (Rev 12, Rev 14.)

The only one who can answer is yourself.

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