Bible or man?, bonus Shabbat teaching

31 January 2020
Topic: Bible , Jesus , legalism

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Have you, as a Christian, ever stopped and taken an honest look at what you believe? I am not talking about what the Bible says, I am talking about what doctrines you as a Christian have accepted as truth?

Is there a difference between doctrines and the Bible? There should not be any difference, but the sad truth is, for most Christians, the difference is so significant they no longer have faith in the Bible. They have more faith in the doctrines of their pastor, denomination, or their favorite tv evangelist.

Are you willing to take an honest hard look at what you believe and make sure it lines up with the Bible?

Why do you believe we need Jesus? Most Christians think they need Jesus to atone for their sins, so far so good; everything matches with the Bible. They would agree sin is breaking the law of Moses, so far so good; everything matches with the Bible. But from this point on, most Christians leave the Bible behind in favor of human-made doctrines:

Is the following doctrines something you as a Christian have accepted as truth?:

When asked why we sinned and need a Savior, most Christians would say, we need a savior because we are born to sin. We have inherited the sin nature from Adam, so we can’t help ourselves. We are like a broken machine, stuck in sin mode, so even if we wanted to get out of it, we cant. Because we are stuck in this sin mode, God sends us to hell for sin, the only way to stay out of hell is to believe Jesus is our Savior and Lord. When we have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, we must never try to live by the Mosaic law. The reason for this is that the law of Moses is a curse and something we cant obey, even if we wanted to. So if you try to live by the law of Moses, after your salvation, you have fallen from grace, and Jesus has become of no effect to you.

If the above doctrine is something you, as a Christian, can ascribe to I want you to stop and think for a moment of the consequences:

If you believe we are born to sin, because we have inherited the sin nature, you have to ask yourself why does God allow it if He is real and He has all power? If He is God and has all power, He could quickly fix us before we were born and make sure we were able to obey His laws.
When he does not intervene but allows us to be born with the sin nature, unable to obey His laws, and punishes us for an eternity in hell because of something we are unable to do, he is a monster and a psychopath.

Every day billions of people die, and most of them have never heard about Jesus. You believe in a god who would punish them for eternity in hell for not being able to live up to his standards, and have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus. When he sends someone to hell, who has never heard about Jesus and is born unable to obey Him, he deserves to be called a monster and a psychopath.

If you believe we are under grace, and not law, because the law of Moses is impossible for us to obey, it gives you two options as a Christian and two difficult questions.

Who is responsible for your actions and the choices you make from now on? Most Christians would say they are unable to choose to do good, even after salvation. So if you believe you are unable to decide to do good, after salvation, but you are saved anyway because you believe, you have rendered yourself morally and ethical immune. So this becomes just an excuse for you to live as you please because you are born with the “sin nature,” unable to change, and you believe the law of Moses does not apply to you anyway. If you dont think you are free to live as you please, and you ascribe to the possibility you could lose your salvation because of sin. Still, you can’t obey the law of Moses; you believe in this angry, psychopathic God that can at any moment lose his temper with you and throw you into hell for something you did but did not want to do in the first place.

The second difficult question and option is this: If you are under grace and not law unable to obey the law of Moses, but you believe repentance is required you have to ask yourself what do I repent back to? What requirements should I from now obey because I am saved? This is the main reason why we have so many denominations today, and why there are cults and sects in this world. If you believe you need to repent, but you dont think you need to repent back to Moses, then it is either yourself, your denomination, or your cult leader who decides what repentance looks like. Then you either end up in a cult or a Christian denomination filled with man’s interpretations, legalism, and human-made doctrines.

Do you believe in this angry god that knows full well you are born with a defect that makes it impossible for you to obey him, but he does not care, and when he loses his temper with you, you end up in hell for all eternity? An angry god who does not care that people have never heard about Jesus but holds them responsible for not being able to obey him?

If the answer is yes, you are guilty of idolatry and have made up a god in your own mind.

Do you believe in this angry god that knows full well you are born with a defect, unable to obey him, but now that you are saved, he does not care how you live as long as you believe in Jesus? A god that expects you to repent but does not tell you what that looks like, instead he gives people in authority over you special “insight” and “revelation” on how you should obey him?

If the answer is yes, you are guilty of idolatry and have made up a god in your own mind.

Repent from idolatry and get to know Yehovah, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who gave us His Son Yeshua.