If you are a New Testament Christian, you are actually a follower of Constantine, not Jesus.

18 December 2019
If you are a New Testament Christian, you are actually a follower of Constantine, not Jesus.

If you knew your pastor considered himself to be a Christian, who at the same time also worshiped Buddha, you would, of course, never listen to him. Hopefully, most of your pastors are real Christians who obey the law of Moses and believe Yeshua died for their sins. But the truth is this, what we consider to be our Christian church is founded by a man who none of us today would think to be Christian. Is it possible our churches have adopted his pagan worldview without knowing about it?

Yehovah, the God of the Bible, is a Jewish God. All through the Bible, we learn how Yehovah relates to His chosen people, the Jews. The Bible shows us how the Jews refuse to obey Yehovah’s Mosaic law, so He, in the end, divorces them in Jeremiah 3:8 as a punishment but promises to regather them again. (Jeremiah 16:14-15).

Yehovah is the author of the law of Moses. He can not go against His commandments, and He cannot violate His law. In Numbers 5, we find what is called the law of jealousy. When a husband suspects that his wife has been unfaithful to him, he is to take her to the priests, and they will decide if this is true or not. If it is true, he will be allowed to divorce her. Should she, later on, wish to come back to her first husband, he will be forbidden to take her back. She has become defiled, and he can not take her back. In Romans 7, we read how all of this applies only as long as both parties are still alive, should one of them die, they are freed from the law of jealousy.

1. John 5:3 teaches us that it is easy to obey the law of Moses. Despite what we have been taught in church, it is not difficult to follow. And if we are honest with ourselves, we have to agree with 1. John 5:3, it is not difficult to follow the law. What is difficult for us is that we sometimes don’t want to follow. We can love unrighteousness so much that we choose not to pursue righteousness. If that is the case, we have to begin loving righteousness more and obey.

1. John 3:4 says sin is breaking the law of Moses. It is because Yehovah divorced us in Jeremiah 3:8 that everyone who violates the law of Moses will end up in hell when they die. (Isaiah 66:24). 1. John 5:3 says it is easy to obey the law of Moses. If it is easy to do the opposite of what caused the divorce in the first place, then it would be easy to work our way into heaven?

Even if we decided to obey the law of Moses perfectly (something which is not to difficult to do according to the Bible), Yehovah could still not take us back. Numbers 5 forbids Him to take us back and says it would be an abomination to Him. So we can not work our way into heaven, we can not earn salvation, but we can obey the law perfectly.

When we disobeyed the law of Moses, we were unfaithful to Yehovah, and because of that unfaithfulness, He divorced us. (Jeremiah 3:8). John 1, 8:58, Rom 10:9 teaches us that Yeshua is Yehovah, so it was Yeshua who divorced us. When Yeshua died on the cross, it was Yehovah who died. When Yeshua died, He was judged as being unfaithful to the law of Moses and divorced from Yehovah (Matthew 27:46). Yeshua was 100% human and 100% Yehovah. So the human part of Him was divorced from Yehovah, but the God part of Him also died. Because He died on the cross as human and Yehovah, Romans 7 says that everyone who accepts this in faith will no longer be divorced from Yehovah. Yehovah will be able to take you back as His people without going against his law in Numbers 5.

Remember, Numbers 5 says a husband can not take back his divorced wife even if she wants to come back. So when Yehovah divorced us for being disobedient to Him, He is unable to take us back just on account of us choosing to be obedient again. But if we accept that He died on the cross and that we died with Him on the cross, justice will be done, and Yehovah will once more be able to take us back without violating His law. Because when Yeshua died, He as a human being who had never been unfaithful to Yehovah was judged as unfaithful and divorced from Him. (Matthew 27:46). If you believe He was judged for all the times you have been unfaithful to Yehovah and died instead of you, you will be forgiven of your sins and reconciled to Him. Because you died with Him in faith, Romans 7 says the law of jealousy has no hold on you anymore. If you believe Yeshua died as Yehovah, Romans 7 says the law of jealousy has no hold on you anymore, and you are free to come back to Him.

The divorce happened because we disobeyed the law of Moses. So if you believe the Bible and chooses to come back to Him, it would, of course, be very foolish of you to decide not to obey the law of Moses from now on. Obedience to the law is what keeps you in covenant with Yehovah, or to put it another way, obedience to the law shows you are being faithful to Him and wants to stay married to Him.

Nowhere in the law of Moses is there a command that says we are to celebrate and worship on a Sunday. The law of Moses commands us to keep the Shabbat from Friday at sundown to Saturday at sunset and worship then. So why do we gather in churches today on a Sunday, is it possible it is because we have adopted the pagan worldview of a man nobody today would consider to be a true Christian?

Constantine the Great was emperor of Rome from AD 306-337. He was a pagan who worshiped the sun. He is considered by historians to be a Christian emperor. If he were a true Christian, he would have obeyed the Bible? In AD 321, Constantine decided that all people should rest on the “venerable day of the Sun” on a Sunday in honor of the sun. So even though the Bible forbids us to worship other gods, the “Christian” emperor Constantine overruled the Bible and decided everyone should worship the Sun on Sunday instead of the Shabbat.

In 364 AD, the council of Laodecia forbade all Christians to keep the Shabbat. They decided a Christian had to worship on a Sunday instead. Up until that point in history, those who were Christians had never worshiped on a Sunday because the Bible forbids us to worship other gods. They had always kept the Shabbat because they wanted to obey the law of Moses and not the law of man. But suddenly, the emperor of Rome, who was also the head of the church, decided that if you did not obey his commandments, you were no longer a Christian.

So the question is this, who should we obey? Should we obey Yehovah or a human being that thinks he is God? The answer should be easy; we should, of course, obey Yehovah. It was Yehovah who made us; it was Yehovah who gave us His law to ensure we would stay in covenant with Him. It was Yehovah who divorced us when we disobeyed Him, but it was also Yehovah who died for us to take us back if we will accept the cross in faith.

Constantine the great has been dead for centuries, but his antichrist laws are still in effect today. Every time we gather on a Sunday and not on the Shabbat, we are obeying him and not Yehovah. Every time we celebrate the resurrection and not the law of Moses, we are following him and not Yehovah (the early Christians did not celebrate the resurrection. Constantine was the first one to decide we should celebrate the resurrection to make it acceptable for Christians to worship on a Sunday instead of the Shabbat).

Obedience to a man is a sin (Matthew 23:2) when it goes against the law of Moses, the law of our creator.