5 November 2021

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Are we in the new covenant?

In Luk 22:20, Jesus says, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood.” in Matthew and Mark’s Gospels, Jesus says, “This is my Blood of the covenant.” 

The Greek word used for new in Luke 22:20 refers to something new, unused, something never seen before. It does not tell us if this new covenant replaces the old, ads to the old, or replaces the old. 

In Jeremiah 31:33-34, the promise of the new covenant is given. The Hebraic word used here for new has a similar meaning to the word used in Luke. It refers to something new, unused, never seen before. It does not tell us if this new covenant replaces the old, ads to the old, or replaces it. 

The new covenant is described in detail in Jeremiah 31:33-34; it says it will be a covenant with the house of Israel and Judah. God will write His Torah (the written law of Moses) on their hearts. This will cause them to obey it, and because they follow it, God will forgive them of their sins. 

Did you notice something interesting about Jeremiah 31:33-34? 

  1. The covenant is between God and the Jews. Christians, the church is not mentioned in this. 
  2. If we repent from lawlessness to law, God will forgive us of our sins.
  3. The Torah (the written law of Moses from the Old Covenant) is still in effect.

So what is “new” about the new covenant? 

Jeremiah 31:33-34 says God will write the Torah on our hearts and minds, which will cause us to obey it. How will He do this? Jesus says, in the Gospel of John and Acts 1 and 2, by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will indwell us and remind us and bring to our attention the law of Moses. This shows us something significant, if a person is genuinely saved and spirit-filled, they will have a deep desire and love for the Torah. 

Forgiveness comes from repentance, but if forgiveness comes from repentance, why then do we need the cross of Christ? We need the cross of Christ to be reconciled to God. 

We need the cross of Christ because the law of Moses can not atone for intentional sins. When you told a lie as a child, you committed a deliberate sin, and from that point on, you could never become reconciled to God by repentance. If you repent and accept the Blood of Jesus as atonement for your sins, you will be forgiven and reconciled to God. 

What is “new” about the new covenant? 

The new thing in the new covenant is the Holy Spirit writing the law of Moses on our hearts and minds. 

The new thing is the Blood of Jesus atoning for unintentional AND intentional sins. (Keep in mind the sacrifice of Jesus for deliberate sins is a one-time offer only according to Hebrews 10).

What has not changed?

The Torah is still in effect; we are still expected to obey it, we are forgiven if and when we repent from lawlessness, 

The new covenant has not replaced the old one; what it has done is to renew it to make it easier for us to obey the Torah. 

The new covenant is still a covenant between the Jews and God. But as it has always been, anyone can become a Jew. (Isaiah 56)

Are we in the new covenant? 

Yes, but not the way you have been told in church. 

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