Do we trust our Lord?

3 June 2020
Series: Bible study
Topic: faith , Jesus , trust

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Romans 1:5, we read “ Through him we received grace and we were given the work of being an emissary on his behalf promoting trust-grounded obedience among all the gentiles”

What comes to mind when you hear the word trust?

Trust and faith are two different things; faith is often connected to inanimate objects and trust to persons. We believe and have faith, we will wake up tomorrow and make our appointments, but we have no guarantee. We might die in our sleep and never wake up. We choose to trust our spouses to be loyal and faithful to us, and we feel as if it is a guarantee because we know they can be trusted. So when the different Bible translations use the word faith when it comes to our relationship with Yeshua, it is easy to get confused.

Trust, instead of faith in a relationship, is crucial, especially when it comes to our relationship with authorities. If we trust someone, we dont question their decisions, and we take it for granted; they have our best intentions at heart, even though we might not always understand everything.

When you board an aircraft, you trust the pilot to get you safely from A to B even though you have never met him or her. If the plane has technical difficulties during flight, you trust the cabin crew and their instructions on how to try to survive a crash landing. You have a desire in you to survive, so accept what they tell you without questioning if they might be right or wrong.

If you are sick and in need of treatment, you accept the medicine your doctor gives you, without questioning if they might be right or wrong because you want to survive.

When you were a child, and your mother told you to dress warm so you would not catch a cold, you trusted her and did what she said without question.

When we trust someone, we accept their decisions even though we might not understand it, because we know they have our best intentions at heart.

Let me ask you this question, do you trust Yeshua, your Lord?

Most Christians would say, yes, I trust He died for me.

When you say you trust in what He did for you at the cross, it is like saying I believe my mother gave birth to me. Your faith in the fact that your mother gave birth to you does not necessarily affect your trust for her. You do not do what your mother tells you to do, just because you trust she gave birth to you. You do what your mother tells you to do if you trust her.

If we really trust someone, it will always show itself in how we live our lives.

In Luke 6:46, Yeshua says, if you trust Me, you will do what I tell you to do.

He told us to keep the Torah but never obey the traditions and doctrines of men (Matt 23:2).
Most Christians believe He told us to live morally clean lives, but they reject the Shabbat, and they believe the Torah is a burden and was done away with at the cross.

If Paul were alive today, he would have said most Christians have faith in Yeshua and what He did for them, but they do not trust Him. In James 2 and John 3, the Bible warns us that if we do not trust Yeshua, we are not saved.

I know you have faith in the cross and what He did for you, but do you trust Him? If the answer is no, you are not saved.

How can you trust Him?

Paul answers this question for us in Romans 1:5; the trust we need is trust grounded obedience. What is Paul talking about when he uses the phrase “trust grounded obedience?”. Paul is referring to Deut 28:1-13, 1. John 2, James 2, Luke 6:46, and Ecclesiastes 12:13. If we trust Yeshua, we will obey Yeshua as our Lord and do what He told us to do.

If you trust HIm, you will obey the Torah (the written law of Moses,) keep Shabbat, eat clean foods, and learn how to walk in obedience to Moses (Acts 15:20-21.)

This means that if you trust Him, you will not worry about money, health, and how to meet your needs because you will know that as long as you obey the Torah, He will take care of you. (Deut 28:1-13, Matt 6:25-34.) He will heal you, provide for you, protect you, walk with you through the valley of the shadow of death because you obey the Torah and one day welcome you home to His Kingdom.

Let me ask you again, do you trust your Lord Yeshua?

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