Do you break easily?

28 December 2020
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Are you faithful to Yehovah?

There is one way to measure your level of faithfulness, do you remain faithful even if He were to say no to your requests? Or does your faithfulness only go as far as His willingness to say yes to your prayers? If so, He is not your God; He has become your genie in a bottle.

The Bible says Yehovah searches for those who are faithful to Him, no matter what. And even though Yehovah is all-knowing and knows in advance who will be faithful to Him, He also knows who has the potential of developing into a faithful son or a daughter. So every test and trial you go through is not so much a test for Yehovah to measure your faithfulness; it is a test from Yehovah for you to measure your faithfulness. This is why you are to consider every trial and circumstance a joy because a trial means Yehovah wants to help you to change and become more faithful; He sees the potential in you.

So how are we to respond when a trial comes along, especially if something is harrowing and traumatizing?

The Bible says we are to respond by being faithful to the Torah (the law of Moses).

So if you need healing, ask for healing, but if He does not heal you straight away, do not worry but instead choose to be more faithful in obedience to the Torah.

If you need provision, ask for provision, but if He does not provide straight away, do not worry but instead choose to be more faithful in obedience to the Torah.

Never stop asking for healing, provision, or whatever it might be your need is. But never stop remaining faithful, even if it might take some time before the answer comes through. When He sees you are faithful, no matter what happens, He can trust you with your healing, your provision, or whatever it might be you need right now.

Then you might ask, why would a good loving God choose to do this? Why can’t He give it to me now?

In the book of Revelation, Yehovah gives us a glimpse into the future. According to Revelation, things will only get worse here on earth. It will be more and more challenging to live faithfully to Yehovah. At one point, the Antichrist will appear and force everyone to take the mark of the Beast. Nobody knows if this will happen in our lifetime, but if it does, you need to know for sure you will remain faithful to Yehovah even if it means having to suffer. For if there is one thing we can know for sure, it is that we will suffer, and some of us will suffer much when the Antichrist appears on the scene. But if we remain faithful to the end, we will be given the greatest reward of all, which is eternal life in the New Jerusalem. If we fail and succumb to the pressure from the Antichrist, we will have a decent life for some years here on earth, but an eternity in the lake of fire in hell.

This is why He cant give it to you now without first making sure you understand how to be faithful. Because if your faithfulness only goes as far as your healing, and when He has healed you, you will fall back into unfaithfulness, then you will succumb to the Antichrist when that time comes. But if you are able now to remain faithful, even if He does not heal you or provide for you, then you will not succumb to the pressure from the Antichrist.

How do you know when you are faithful? When being faithful is more important to you than being healed or provided for. Because if you choose faithfulness instead of healing, faithfulness instead of provision, you know you will choose faithfulness instead of the mark.

Do not misunderstand; this does not mean He will not heal you or not provide for you. You can even choose to speed things up a little bit by making sure you make it your number one goal in life to remain faithful to the law of Moses, at all times, no matter what. Because if you can honestly say the law of Moses is more important to you than your needs, then Yehovah will give you your needs.

How do we know this for sure?

King Solomon was one of the wisest and the richest man alive; he was given all he had because he made it more important to obey Moses’s law than to ask for things. Because he was faithful, Yehovah gave him everything he needed in material things and intellectual wisdom.

If it becomes more important to you to remain faithful to Yehovah than to be healed or provided for, Yehovah will heal you and provide for you more than you can ever imagine.

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