Do you have a Biblical understanding of life?

3 November 2020

Series: Devotional

Do you have a Biblical understanding of life?

Your outlook on life determines how your life will be. As Christians, our faith affects our outlook on life. Because our faith plays such an essential factor in understanding life, it is crucial to make sure we have Biblical faith to have a Biblical understanding of what is happening to us and around us.

One of the essential parts of having a Biblical outlook on life is to know who Yehovah is and who Satan is.

As a Christian, do you believe Satan is almost equal to Yehovah able to do what he wants when he wants to whom he wants? Most Christians would answer such a question with a clear and resounding no, but what we say does not always match our beliefs. If you listen closely to how most Christians talk amongst themselves, we will soon understand Christians believe Satan to have free will and the freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, and to whom he wants.

The Bible says in the book of Job, Satan can only do what Yehovah allows him to do. He is not equal to Yehovah; he does not have free will. So the question then is, if that is so, why is there so much evil in the world?

The Bible answers this question for us in Isaiah 45:7, where it says Yehovah our God creates good, but He also creates evil. The Bible says that the evil we see in this world comes from Yehovah just as much as the good we see in this world.

Why would a good God who is love create evil?

How do you define love? Most of us would say it is love to protect the innocent life, to care for the sick and elderly. What would you do if someone threatened your family and abused the ill and elderly? Would you resort to evil measures to fight and protect them? Of course, you would; if someone threatened your family, you would defend them. If someone abused the sick and elderly, you would protect them using any means possible, even if it meant you had to take another human’s life.

Our definition of good says it allows for evil to protect what is right. So in a way, it would be correct to say we as humans have the power to create love and create evil. A husband and a father can love his family and take a life if it needs to be to protect them.

We have the same duality in us as Yehovah because we are made in His image. He has given us His nature to create good and create evil.

What is Yehovah’s definition of good? 1.John, and the Gospel of John, says Yehovahs definition of good and love is Torah. The one who keeps the Torah is righteous (1.John) the one who keeps Torah loves (John 14, 1.John)

Why would a good God who is love create evil?

Why would a good loving father and husband take another human’s life to protect his family?

The answer to both questions is love. A good loving father and husband would take another human’s life to protect his family because he loves them. A good God would create evil to protect His children who obey the Torah.

We see this in Deut 28 and the book of Exodus; when we reject Torah, we reject Yehovahs definition of love. If we disagree with Him on what love is, then we become evil in Yehovah’s eyes. If we become evil, it is only natural He will send evil upon us to protect those He loves from us who are evil.

So, where does Satan fit into all of this?

In the book of Job, Satan has to ask permission from Yehovah to do anything to Job. Satan is not his actual name; it is just a title that means accuser. The Bible describes Satan as the accuser who roams around the earth looking for someone who rejects the Torah. When he finds them, he accuses them of their guilt in front of Yehovah and asks for legal permission to attack them. If Yehovah sees that this individual has indeed broken Torah, he gives Satan permission to do what he wants within limits.

This is why, in James 4:7, it says we are to submit to the Torah to resist the devil and why Rev 12 and Rev 14 says we overcome the devil by faith in the cross and the Torah. If we obey the Torah (which means obey all the 613 commandments applicable to us, not just the moral commandments), we will be righteous (1.John), and we will resist the devil because he will find no fault in us. Then we will walk in the blessings of the Torah (Deut 28:1-13) and get to experience Yehovah as our God who creates good.

Now we have learned what the Bible says; the Bible says Satan is not equal to Yehovah, and he has no free will to what he wants. He can only do what Yehovah allows him to do, and only on account of our lawlessness. Our lawlessness attracts Satan and gives him legal permission to attack us.

This gives us a different picture and a different outlook on life.

It is not a matter of Satan attacking us without reason; if something terrible is happening to us, it is caused by our lawlessness. So instead of rebuking Satan and getting all worked up trying to find the best and the latest book on Spiritual warfare on Amazon, we only need to do what the Bible says.

Repent of lawlessness and come back to Yehovah so that He can heal us of our wounds. (2. Chron 7:14)

Where does the cross fit into all of this?

When we repent from unintentional sins that have caused evil in our lives, we need to atone. The Torah says we should atone in Jerusalem, in the temple. This is an impossibility for us now; the temple is gone destroyed by the Romans.

So how do we atone?

1.John 1:9 and the book of Hebrews says we atone by faith in the cross. The Blood of Yeshua paid for our intentional sins one time, and it can only atone one time for deliberate sins. But when it comes to unintentional sins, it still atones on the heavenly altar if we believe.

So we repent, and we atone by faith in the Blood of Yeshua. Then the devil will flee from us, then Yehovah will heal us, then we will go from living under Yehovah’s wrath to be blessed by Him again.

No matter what you are going through right now, make sure your outlook on life is a Biblical one so you can repent and atone, allowing Yehovah to heal you.

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