Do you know how to pray?

8 April 2020

Series: Devotional

Do you know how to pray?

Do you know how to pray? As a Christian, you understand and believe in the power and importance of prayer. But sometimes, praying can be very difficult, especially during times of stress and considerable uncertainty.

Yeshua (Jesus/Yehoshua) teaches us in Luke 11:1-13 prayer should always be to the Father. In Matt 7:11, James 1:17 and Matt 6:25-34 Yeshua teaches us that everything we receive comes from the Father.

Do you know the Father?

If the answer is no, then it can be very challenging to pray. As Christians, we have a relationship with Jesus, so it is easy to relate to Jesus, but very few Christians know or have a relationship with the Father.

The Bible says, in John 5,24, 12:44 and John 14, if we believe in Jesus but not in the Father; we are not saved.

Most Christians would say, “I have seen Jesus, and the Bible says, if I have seen Jesus, I have seen the Father, so I know who He is.” Yes, the Bible does say, if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father (John 14:9), but it does not say Jesus is the Father. What Jesus is saying in John 14:9 is this, He is one with the Father in character, so if you have seen how He lived His life, you know the Father’s nature.

Knowing someone’s character is not the same as having a relationship with them. So many of us can describe Donald Trump’s nature, but that does not mean we have a personal friendship with him.

Do you have a personal friendship with the Father?

The Bible says, in John 3:16, it was the Father who gave us His Son Yeshua. It does not say Yeshua gave us Himself; it says the Father gave us His Son Yeshua.

Even though all of this is in the Bible, for all to see, most Christians have chosen to ignore the Father in favor of Yeshua. They might pray to the Father in Yeshua’s name, but they dont want anything to do with the Father. They have rejected His law believing it does not apply to them anymore.

How do you think this makes the Father feel?
How do you think it makes Yeshua feel when He sees those who confess His name reject His Father?
How would you feel if someone rejected your father?

Is it any wonder you sometimes struggle in prayer? You are praying to the Father, in the name of Jesus, but at the same time, you have rejected the one you are praying to?

Could this be the reason why your prayers are not heard?

Is it a possibility your salvation is on the line, considering how Yeshua Himself says if you reject His Father, you reject Him?

So how are we to pray?

Prayer is based on the relationship with the one you are praying to.

Start by repenting of your rejection of the Father. The Father has a name, and the name is Yehovah. He knows most of you have not done this deliberately; you have done this because you seldom read your Bible, so you allow pastors and denominations to tell you what is in the Bible. Tell Yehovah you are sorry for rejecting Him and repent back to His Torah (what we Christians call the written law of Moses.).

Tell Him you are grateful for giving His Son Yeshua as an atoning sacrifice on the cross for your intentional and unintentional sins.

Now you are ready to pray to the Father.

It is not a sin to address Him as Father, Abba, Dad, or Daddy at the same time; you should also use His name because there is power in that name for us who belong to Him.

The Bible says in Rom 10:13, Acts 2:21, we are to call upon the name of Yehovah. So if you need Him to heal you, call upon Him as Yehovah Rapha (Yehovah your healer.) If you need Him to provide for you, call upon Him as Yehovah Yireh (Yehovah, your provider.) If you need peace in your life and stability, call upon Him as Yehovah Shalom (Yehovah, who makes you and your life whole.)

When you have called upon Him your Father, pray in His name for your needs or the needs of others. What does it mean to pray in His name?

Prayer in His name is to pray in the name of Yehovah, to call upon the name of Yehovah.

When you dont, know what to pray, and sometimes life can be so stressful, we dont know how to word our prayers, call upon His name, and He will answer. When you are sick, and dont have the strength to formulate a long prayer, call “Yehovah Rapha.” Repeat His name like a prayer. When you are so stressed out by the red numbers in your bank account, you dont know what to say, call “Yehovah Yireh.” Repeat His name almost as a prayer until your soul settles down, and you can feel His presence assuring you He has heard you, and He will answer.

Do you feel as if you dont even have the strength to say His name? Prayer dont have to be words we say out loud; prayer can be silent where we repeat His name in our minds.

Do you know how to pray?

If you have a relationship with your Father Yehovah through repentance back to Moses, and faith in His Sons cross, prayer is easy, and answers are guaranteed even during a storm.

Can I pray for you? Sometimes even if we know how to pray, we need help. I am offering to help you by interceding for you and your needs in prayer.

Can I prophesy to you? The Bible says if we have a relationship with Yehovah, He wants to speak directly to us, and we can hear His voice for ourselves. Sometimes, life can be very stressful, or we desire something so bad we can’t trust that we can listen to what Yehovah wants to say to us. I am an Apostle and also a prophet; I am offering to help you by asking Yehovah on your behalf by prophesying to you.

Do you have to pay money for prayer? For prophecy?

The Bible says you should give something in return when somebody prays for you, prophecies to you or teaches you the Bible. But the Bible also says your needs have priority if you have to choose between paying your bills or giving a gift for prayer/prophecy/Bible teachings you should always choose to pay your bills.
But so many of you have money to spare after paying your bills and meeting your needs.

The Bible is very clear, if you have money to spare and you choose not to give, it is a sin.

I will never know, but Yehovah will know and you will know that you were helped by this ministry, you had money to give, but you chose not to. The amount is not important; what is important is that you show gratitude to Yehovah by giving something in return.

To give a gift, click on the link below.

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