Do you need peace?

20 March 2020
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Do you need peace? We all need peace every day of our lives, but now that the world has suddenly changed almost overnight, we need it more than ever.

How do you have peace when everything around you seems very uncertain and gives you good reason to worry?

Isaiah 26:3, God promises to keep us in perfect peace if we focus our minds on Him. This means that whatever is happening in your life right now, whatever it might be, do not look at your circumstances. Choose instead to look to God and keep looking.

“So what you are saying is we are to look to Jesus?”

No, that is what mainstream Christianity would tell you. The Bible says in Isaiah 26:3, we are to look to Yehovah, not to Jesus. Who is Yehovah? Yehovah is God, the Father of Jesus, whose real name is Yeshua. Yehovah is the one who gave us His Son. He is the one who parted the Red Sea, rained manna from heaven. The one who sends plagues and pestilence and the one who turns diseases and epidemic away when the people repent back to Him.

“So how do we “focus our minds on Yehovah / look to Yehovah?”

Have you ever been in love? What happens when you love someone and you are separated from them for some time? You only have to conjure up their name in your mind, and it seems as if they are there with you.

The Bible says Yehovah is a spirit, so He is everywhere at all times. You look to Yehovah by meditating on His name, and when you do, He will be there with you giving you perfect peace amid the storm. He will be there with His name, protecting your mind from all the intruding thoughts trying to provoke you to fear, worrying, and anxiety. He will be there giving you His peace, His wisdom, His guidance, His protection, and the only thing you have to do is to call upon His name in your mind the way you would call upon the name of a loved one by thinking of them.

All of this will only work if you are a Christian, the way the Bible describes Christians.

If you have not repented back to Moses’s law, believing Yeshua died for your sins and you have no desire ever to do so, meditating on the name of Yehovah will not work for you. Why? Because the Bible says, Yehovah does not hear the prayers of sinners who have no desire to repent and be reconciled to Him by the cross.

We dont know how the world will look one week from now, we dont know what the world will be like one year from now.

Now more then ever you need Yehovah and His peace so you can make the right Godly decisions for the days ahead.

So choose today to become a Christian and call upon the name of Yehovah for salvation.

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