Do you trust God?

12 February 2021

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Do you trust Yehovah?

Hebrews 11 says without trust, it is impossible to please Yehovah; later on in the New Testament, it says without trust, we will not receive anything from our God, not even eternal life.

How do you know if you trust Yehovah?

When you board an aircraft, you trust the pilots even though you have never met them. You trust their employer to follow all safety protocols and maintenance on the plane. And if, for some reason, an unexpected situation arises, you trust the pilots are capable and trained to handle it.

Do you have this type of trust when it comes to Yehovah?

Most of us trust Yehovah as long as we have a smooth ride through life, but the moment turbulence hits, we panic and start questioning Yehovhas intentions, His ability, and even if He exists. This is a dangerous thing to do. In the book of Hebrews, the Bible says our forefathers in the desert did this exact thing. They trusted Yehovah as long as everything was easy. Still, the moment turbulence hit them on their walk through the desert, they panicked and started questioning Yehovahs intentions, His ability, and His existence. This greatly angered Yehovah, and He killed them all as punishment.

So how do we avoid making the same mistake as them? How do we avoid Yehovah’s anger and His punishment?

Making sure we trust Yehovah no matter what happens in our lives, even if we dont understand it all.

How do you build this type of trust in Yehovah? By trusting Yehovah, even if He makes decisions, you dont understand.

Sometimes pilots will make decisions we do not understand. They will choose to fly through turbulence areas to avoid storms or rough weather in the area. This decision makes it uncomfortable for the passengers for a short while, but the alternative would be worse. If you trust your pilots, you will never question why they chose to expose you to turbulence. You know they have their reasons for it, and you trust their intentions.

How do you build this type of trust in people whom you have never met?

You build this type of trust by choice; you choose to trust the airline and the pilots.

How do you build trust in Yehovah?

By choice, you choose to trust Yehovah.

This is the type of trust you choose to act on. You trust the airline, so you decide to buy a ticket even if it might be expensive. From that moment on, you have chosen to live by their rules. Because you trust them, they will decide when the aircraft departs and when you arrive at your destination. They will decide who will sit next to you on the aircraft and how much luggage you might have. You have even given them the authority to change your destination if something unexpected happens. This might be turbulent, and you might find yourself in a hotel room for the night in a hotel you dont like, but because you trust them, you accept this, and you will be rewarded with a safe journey to your destination the next day.

If you trust Yehovah, you decide to accept Yeshua as your atoning sacrifice and repent from your sins. From that moment on, He will decide how you should live your life, and He has already told you how to live your life in the Torah (the law of Moses). You have given Him the authority to change your expected path through life if something unexpected happens because you trust Him to get you safely to heaven in the end. Sometimes He will make decisions you will not understand, and your life will be turbulent. But if you trust Him by obeying His Torah, you will be rewarded with the blessings of the law and eternal life. (Deut 28:1-14, Matt 6:25-34, John 3:16)

Heb 11 says without trust, it is impossible to please Yehovah. John 3:16 says if you do not trust Yeshua’s teachings, you will not have eternal life.

Do you trust Yeshua and His teachings?

Most Christians would say they have faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Passive faith in Jesus can not save you (James 2, Matt 7:21-23). The only faith that can save you is active trust shown in how you live your life.

John 3:16 says if you have active trust in Yeshua and His teachings, you will have eternal life.

What did Yeshua teach us to do?

Matthew 23:2-4, 7:21-23, Yeshua taught us to trust Yehovah by living our lives in obedience to Moses.

Do you trust Yehovah?

Do you have eternal life?

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