Do you worship idols?

24 August 2020
Series: Bible study
Topic: God , idol worship , idols , worship

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Most people, Christians, and non-Christians know John 3:16 almost by heart: For so has God loved the world that He gave His only Son so whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

What Jesus did for us is beyond belief, we can never understand or fathom His love for us being willing to die for our sins. I want to ask you one important question: Who decided to send Jesus to atone for our sins? Jesus? The Father?

What about John 14:26 and Matt 10:20? Here Jesus is saying He will ask the Father, and the Father will send His Spirit, the Holy Spirit.

The fact that believers today have the Holy Spirit living in them is a gift we can not begin to understand. We have become the temple of God, and He has chosen to live in us. Another important question: Who decided to send the Holy Spirit to us? Jesus? The Father?

In Matt 6:25-34, Jesus is telling us not to worry because if we do righteousness and seek the Kingdom of God, His Father will give us everything we need. Knowing God promises to care for us and to meet our every need is wonderful. We can rest in this, but who is it that meets our needs? Jesus? The Father?

Have you noticed how, in these verses, it is always the Father who provides?

There are other examples in the Bible, but here we have four scriptures where Jesus says it is the Father, not Jesus, who gives us His Son, His Spirit, and supplies all our needs IF we do righteousness and seek the Kingdom of God. What does it mean to do righteousness? It means to obey the Torah (1.John.) So what Jesus is telling us is that if we follow the Torah, His Father (not Jesus) will send His Spirit to live inside and meet all of our needs.

For some reason, most Christians have chosen to reject this and instead look to Jesus as the source of our healing, salvation, and provision. We trust Jesus to heal us, Jesus, to provide for us, Jesus, to deliver us, and when it happens, we praise Jesus for having heard us.

The Bible says it is the Father, not Jesus, who does all of these things. The Bible says He gives us these things because He loves us. So how do you suppose it makes the Father feel when we reject and ignore what His words say and instead look to Jesus to give us something only the Father can give?

Some time ago, my wife and I had bought a present for someone we know. We had both agreed on what we should buy, we had both paid for it, and the card said it was from both of us. The person who received the gift never thanked me, only my wife. How do you suppose I felt? I felt ignored, rejected, and hurt. I wanted my love for this person to be seen and appreciated.

When you give a gift to someone, and they are not grateful for it and dont even acknowledge what you did, it hurts, it makes you feel unappreciated, unloved. You do not want to have a relationship with someone who treats you that way.

Why should the Father desire a relationship with us if we treat Him this way?

The Bible says the Father of Jesus; His name is Yehovah, loves us so much He gave us His Son Yeshua to atone for our sins. He gave us His Torah to show us how to live; He gave us His Holy Spirit to make it easier for us to obey His Torah, He heals us, provides for us, cares for us, meets all our needs and even saves us from every circumstance in life as long as we follow the Torah. (Heb 5:9, Deut 28:1-13) In Matt 7:11, James 1:17, Yeshua (Jesus Christ), and James the Apostle both say the same thing, every good and perfect gift comes from Yehovah.

How do most Christians respond to this?

They know what the Bible says, but they choose to ignore it. Instead of being grateful to the gift giver, Yehovah, they make a god out of their gift and act as if He has given Himself to them.

Am I saying Jesus is not God?

No, Jesus is God, He is one with the Father, but He is not the Father. (John 14:28)

The Bible says Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is God (John 1.) But at the same time, in John 14:28, He says His Father is greater than He. So, from John 14:28, we know He is not Yehovah, the Father.

Who is Jesus?

John 1 identifies Yesha as the Torah (the written law of Moses.) So the correct thing would be to say, Yeshua is the walking, talking, living, breathing law of Moses. So there is no question about His divinity, but there is also no question He is not the Father.

The best way to explain this would be using an allegory: When you speak or write, your words spoken or written are a part of you. By listening to what you say and reading what you write, you can get a good impression of who you are. At the same time, they are not all of you. Your words (written or spoken) are limited because there are certain things your words can not do even though they are one with you. Your words can not cook a meal; your words can not drive a car. Your mind and body working together can cook and drive a car, but they can not express themselves in written or spoken form. There is more to you than just your words spoken or written. Yeshua is the spoken and written word of Yehovah. This is why He is God, but there is more to God than His spoken or written word, and this is why He says His Father is greater than He.

So there is no question about Yeshua’s divinity, and there is no question He is God, but He is not Yehovah the Father. He is echad (one unity with Yehovah the Father) just as your words (spoken or written) are echad with yourself.

What would happen if someone gave your words credit for driving a car? Or what would happen if someone gave your words credit for cooking a meal? You know the spoken or written word can’t drive a car or cook a meal, but your body connected with your mind can. Is it not correct to say you would deem that individual, who credited your words (spoken or written) for driving a car and cooking as someone who did not know how humans operate and work?

Even though the Bible says it is Yehovah who gives, most Christians behave as if His gifts have given themselves to us and make a god out of them. How do you suppose Yehovah reacts when He sees Christians singing songs to Yeshua, worshiping Yeshua, and giving Yeshua credit for what only Yehovah has done and can do? Is it not correct to say those Christians do not know who Yehovah is? Just as someone who credits your spoken and written words for driving, a car does not know what a human being is? We all know humans written or spoken words can not drive a car, but the rest of the human can. And we all know Yehovah is the source of everything, not Yeshua, not the Holy Spirit.

How can you claim to have a relationship with His Son if you do not know who Yehovah is?

In the Gospels, Jesus says it is impossible to have a relationship with Him and, at the same time, not know who His Father is.

But more important, how does this affect your faith?

What happens when you, as a Christian, as Jesus to heal you when the Bible says Yehovah is the healer? What happens when you as, a Christian, ask Jesus to provide for you when the Bible says Yehovah is the provider?

Asking Jesus to do all of these things is wrong when the Bible says it is Yehovah who does them. Is it a sin? Yes, because you are making Jesus into a separate God when Ex 20:2-3 says our God is Yehovah, who brought us out of Egypt.

Remember, this is not a question about the divinity of Yeshua. Jesus Christ (Yeshua) is God, but the Bible identifies Him as the Torah and the word of God. (John 1)

It is a sin to ask Jesus to do what only Yehovah can do, but it is also a rejection of Jesus.


The Bible says Jesus is the Torah (John 1); the Torah states in Ex 20:2-3, we are to worship and look to Yehovah and Yehovah alone for what we need. When you look to Jesus instead of Yehovah, you are breaking Torah and committing a sin; when you break the Torah and sin against the Torah, you are rejecting Torah. If Jesus is the Torah (John 1), you are rejecting Jesus because they are the same.

This raises a lot of questions, one of them is this: if it is a sin to ask Jesus to do these things, who is it that answers the prayers of people who pray to Jesus to heal them, provide for them and deliver them?

In the book of Psalms, it says that when we call upon Yehovah by another name, Yehovah will search our hearts to see if we do it out of ignorance or not. If He sees we are doing out of ignorance, He will answer our prayer even if we address Him by another name. So if you call upon Jesus to heal, deliver, and provide out of ignorance, Yehovah answers that prayer. But now that you know what the Bible says, and if you choose to call upon Yehovah by the name of Jesus, it is a different matter.

Now that you know the Bible says, we are to call upon Yehovah as your God; it would be a sin to use any other name. But of course, there are times when it would be appropriate for you to call upon Jesus even if you know you are supposed not to. If you pray for someone who does not know God’s name is Yehovah, who only knows Him by the name of Jesus, it would be foolish of you to use Yehovah’s name. Why? Because they would believe you are praying to some unknown god that has nothing to do with the Bible.

Remember, the Bible clearly says Yeshua is God. So there is no question about it; Jesus Christ is God’s Son. But we can not ignore the Bible; we can not overlook the fact that the Bible says He (Jesus) is the word of God the Torah and not the Father. We can not ignore that He taught us to always look to Yehovah (Matt 6:25-34) for our needs. We can not ignore the fact that Jesus, in John 14, said His Father is greater than He.

What happens if you do what the Bible says and start to look to Yehovah as the source of everything? (James 1:17, Matt 6:25-34)

You only have to open your Bible and read the Old Testament to see several examples of how Yehovah heard the prayers of His people and did tremendous and incredible miracles on their behalf. When they needed protection, He protected them from the strongest army in the world, the Egyptians. When they needed food, He made it rain manna and quail from heaven, when they needed water He gave them water from a rock.

As long as they walked in love and obedience to the Torah (remember how the Bible says Jesus is the Torah), they never lacked anything. If Yehovah did all of these things in the past for those who obeyed the Torah, you can know He will do it for you if you follow His Torah.

I challenge you today to start doing what the Bible says, look to Yehovah for what you need, and you will see He is faithful to hear your prayer and send help.

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