For the sake of Abraham

13 May 2020
Series: Bible study
Topic: prayer , trust

The Bible says, in Romans 11:11-31 and Isaiah 56:6, if you are a Christian, you are a part of Israel. You have not become a citizen of the state of Israel, you have not become a physical born Jew, you and the Christian church has not replaced Israel, but you have become a part of spiritual Israel. The Bible says it this way; you have joined yourself to Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob grafted into Israel. So if you are saved, you have crossed over from being a gentile to becoming Israel.

The Bible goes on to say, in Isaiah 56:6 and Romans 6, 11:11-31, if you are a part of Israel, you are responsible for living as an Israelite. Of course, the question then gives itself, how do you live as an Israelite?

The Bible says in 1. John 2, James 2, John 3, Isaiah 56:6, living as an Israelite means you obey the constitution of spiritual Israel. The constitution of spiritual Israel is the Torah (the written law of Moses.)

At no point does the Torah expect sinless perfection. The sacrificial system, 1. John 1:9 and King Solomons prayer all say the same thing; obedience to the Torah means you confess and repent of your unintentional sins. So at no point does Yehovah expect you to be sinless and perfect; as a citizen of heavenly Israel, you will continue to sin, but it will always be unintentional.

In Romans 3 and Romans 11, Paul says if you are grafted into Israel by faith, you get to share in the covenants and the promises given to Israel. If we can grasp this truth, it has the potential to revolutionize how we pray.

One of the biggest challenges we face when we pray is the question, why should Yehovah listen to what I have to say, and how can I know for sure He will answer me? Have I done enough to convince Him to answer me?

1. John 9:31, Prov 15:29 says Yehovah listens and responds if you obey His Torah. Rom 11, Isaiah 56:6 says if you follow His Torah, you become a descendant of Abraham, an Israelite, and a Jew. So obedience to the Torah and being a descendant of Abraham are to sides of the same coin.

In Genesis 15, Yehovah makes a covenant with Abraham. Yehovah tells Abraham that if he and his descendants obey the Torah, Yehovah will be their God. Yehovah promises to care for Abraham and all of his descendants as long as they obey His Torah. If you follow the Torah, this promise applies to you, but it also changes how you pray.

If you obey the Torah, your obedience makes you righteous and a descendant of Abraham. Your choice to live by the Torah guarantees answered prayer, but Yehovahs choice to answer your prayer is because of His promise to Abraham.

Let me say that again another way, Yehovah promised to care for, to be the God of, and to meet the needs of all of Abrahams’s descendants. So when you pray as a descendant of Abraham, you can know Yehovah listens and responds because of what He promised to Abraham and not because of something you did or did not do. As a descendant of Abraham, you were born into the promise, and the covenant Yehovah made with him.

When you joined yourself to Israel, you inherited the promise Yehovah gave to Abraham. You did nothing to deserve it, you inherited it the day you repented back to the Torah and believed Yeshua was sacrificed for your sins. As long as you live as a citizen of heavenly Israel, nobody, not even yourself, can change that. And you can know for sure Yehovah will heal you, will provide for you, will deliver you for the sake of Abraham.

Now that you know this, you can pray bold prayers asking for big miracles for the sake of Abraham knowing Yehovah will respond in His time. Now that you know this, you can rest from worrying and stress, knowing Yehovah has heard you, and He is about to do something in your life for the sake of Abraham.

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