God has a wonderful plan?

25 March 2020
Series: Devotional
Topic: God , life , plan , wonderful

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In all the years I have been a mainstream evangelical Christian, I heard a lot of sermons on escapism telling me how we, as Christians, would be raptured away before the great tribulation on the earth. Other sermons telling me how I needed to fight the devil, pray hard, believe strong, and Jesus would remove every obstacle, every disease, every stronghold in my life, and I would live a carefree, happy life of a Christian.

I also saw a lot of Christians fall away because of escapism. They had been told, “God has a wonderful plan for your life,” “God loves you and wants the best for you, He is a good Father.” They had accepted the escapist picture of a god resembling Santa Claus, so when disaster struck, and nobody was healed or their house foreclosed, they rejected everything they believed in and walked away from the faith.

Who can blame them? They were promised an excellent plan for their lives. They were promised a supernatural life with answered prayer. Then disaster struck, somebody died, and to them, it seems as if God is not listening.

Modern mainstream evangelical escapist theology has done a lot of damage to this world, and it is not Biblical. It is heresy and has caused a lot of people to end up in hell.

“Are you saying God is not going to protect us from troubles, challenges, and the hardship of life?”

Do you believe the Apostle Paul was saved after his Damascus Road experience? What about the other apostles, were they saved? The answer gives itself, yes, of course, they were saved. They wrote most of the New Testament, so they had to be saved. The Bible says they all suffered greatly in their lives. Paul, the Apostle, was beaten with rods, almost died of starvation, and several times was shipwrecked. The other Apostles, except for John, all died violent painful deaths.

At no point did Yehovah allow them to escape their troubles, they had to go through them, but they did not succumb to their trials.

We see Daniel being thrown to the lions. Instead of allowing Daniel to escape this trial, Yehovah protected him in the trial, so the Lions did not attack and eat him. When Paul was beaten with rods, it was so brutal and violent his attackers believed he was dead. Paul did not die, Yehovah made sure to sustain him while they beat him and heal him afterward, so Paul lived through it.

What we see in the lives of the Apostles and the heroes of faith in the Bible is a total opposite of what is being preached today. But even so, the church still makes promises they can’t keep, and by doing so, they produce bitter, resentful atheists who have chosen to reject God.

So what are the benefits of being a Christian if we are not allowed to escape from our trials?

2. Chronicles 16:9, Psalm 23, Psalm 91, Matt 6:25-34 says Yehovah promises to strengthen us so we can endure through our trials AND to make sure we have what we need amid the storm.

If you are a Christian who has repented back to Moses, believing in the cross, you can know that whatever trial you face today, Yehovah will give you the strength you need to endure through it. Whatever it might be, if you make Yehovah the object of your faith, He will provide you with the power, the peace, the motivation, the faith, the trust you need to go through it. He will also make sure your needs are met in the midst of it, just as He did with our forefathers in the desert when He fed them manna from heaven.

At no point will Yehovah allow us to escape what is coming or what is already here. But if you have made Him the object of your faith, everyone around you will see you are called by the name of Yehovah, and He is a faithful God who sustains His people and listen to their prayers. (Deut 28:1-13.)

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