God is testing us

17 April 2020
Topic: God , Gods test , test

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

It has been said; it is in times of crisis, you know who your friends are. It has also been said; character is tested when you’re up against it. We can all agree this is true, but what if this is true for more than just human relationships?

For the past month, this world has been turned upside down by a virus. The way of life we depended upon and trusted in was almost changed overnight for some of us. What we used to trust in for our comfort turned out not to be trustworthy anymore.

Before this happened, we trusted there would always be enough food for everyone to buy or enough toilet paper. But this virus has shown us that when disaster strikes, we cant trust there will be enough for everyone.

Before this happened, we relied upon our income and financial stability that would make it possible for us to go abroad each year for our summer vacation. But this virus has changed that, now we all face the possibility we can’t go anywhere this summer.

We used to trust in our relationships with our local supermarkets, our jobs, our friends, but all of that has changed now. This virus has shown us how all these things we used to trust in are empty idols in our lives.

How has this crisis affected your relationship with and your trust in Yehovah, your God?

Most Christians would answer this with a question: “my relationship is with Jesus, so why do you ask me about my relationship with Yehovah?”

If He is our Lord, and He is our Savior, we will obey what He taught us and believe in what He did for us. He taught us how to follow the written law of Moses, and He died for us on the cross. He never told us to aim for a relationship with Himself; He told us to seek a relationship with His Father Yehovah. If you learn from Him and obey the Torah the way He showed us, and believe He died for your sins, you will establish a relationship with His Father Yehovah. Then Yeshua is your Lord AND your Savior. (1. John 2:6, James 2:10-26, Luke 6:46-49, John 14.)

So how has this virus affected your relationship with Yehovah?

In times of crisis, you know who you’re friends are, and character is tested when you are up against it. This does not only apply to our human relationships, but it also applies to our relationship with Yehovah.

The Bible says Yehovah tests His people to see if they love Him or not. (Deut 8, Ex 15,16,20, Isaiah 31, John 14.) He will allow tests to come upon us to see how we will react, hoping we will respond to the test with repentance and an even stronger trust in Him. If we do not respond, if we dont repent, the tests will change and become judgments upon us. (2. Cron 7:14.)

What is happening in the world right now is a test for God’s people. Yehovah is testing us to see where our heart is, do we really love Him, is His Son really our Lord AND our Savior? How we respond to this test determines what will happen next.

Our forefathers did not respond the way they should, they failed the test miserably, and Yehovah killed them all (except for Joshua and Caleb) in the desert as punishment.

We must heed the warning in the book of Hebrews and do not repeat their mistakes, so we dont share in the fate of our forefathers. Respond to this test the right way and renew your commitment to Yehovah today. If there is anything in your life, you need to repent of, do it now, dont wait.

Yehovah is giving us His people this opportunity to repent and renew our commitment to Him so we can face what is coming under His protection. For we know for sure, what is happening now in the world is only a foretaste of the judgments that is coming. We dont know when we dont know how, but we know the Bible says what happened in Egypt will happen again.

Yehovah will judge this world the way He judged Egypt, and when that happens, His people are the only ones who will be protected from the implications of the judgments.

So make sure you have a relationship with Yehovah today, and make sure He knows you have a relationship with Him, and His Son is your Lord AND your Savior.

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