Healed by grace?

1 February 2021

Series: Bible study

Healed by grace?

If you are a Christian, you might have heard more than one sermon on how Jesus healed everyone He came into contact with. The only thing people had to do was to call on His name, and then He would save them from their sickness or disease. If this is true, then we who believe in Him should be able to call on His name and be saved every time all the time because He is God, and He does not change.

Are you healed or delivered from whatever it might be all the time, every time, just by calling on His name?  

In Acts 3, the Bible says there once was a 40-year-old man who was born lame. He had been unable to walk all his life, so each day, someone carried him to the temple gate called beautiful to beg for money. Everyone who wanted access to the temple court had to walk past him. We know from the Bible Jesus went up to the temple court several times in His life, so He had to walk past this man, but He never once stopped to heal him. 

If Jesus healed everyone all the time, why did He not heal this man? 

Is there a common denominator for all the people Jesus did heal? 

Every time someone got healed by Jesus, it happened because that person repented from lawlessness and started following Moses again. We even see this when the Syrophonecian woman confronts Jesus; He refuses to heal her daughter until she repents and starts obeying Moses. 

We can not find one single example in the Bible of someone healed without first having repented back to Moses. 

So let us now return to the lame beggar in Acts 3. Why were Peter and John able to heal this man?

In Acts 3:16, Peter answers our question: “Because of faith in His name, this one whom you and you know, His name did strengthen, and the faith which Yehovah gave through Him to the lame man, gave this perfect physical wholeness in front of all of you.” Because the lame beggar had faith in the name of Jesus, Yehovah (not Jesus) gave the lame beggar faith for healing. 

We are reading here in Acts 3:16 is happening in Jerusalem, among Jews who were Hebrew speakers. So when Peter says what he says in Acts 3:!6, he is speaking Hebrew. When Peter says “because of faith in His name,” he uses the Hebrew word Shema for faith. Shema means to hear and obey. And when Peter says “His name” (referring to the name of Jesus), Peter uses the Hebrew word, Shem. Shem means character and personality. So what Peter is actually saying here is this “Because this lame beggar heard and obeyed the teachings of Jesus, Yehovah gave this man faith for healing.”

So why and how was this man healed?

  1. He had heard and obeyed the teachings of Jesus. 
  2. Because he had heard and obeyed, Yehovah (not Jesus) gave this man faith for healing. 
  3. Because Yehovah granted this man faith for healing, he was healed.

This is 100% consistent with how Jesus healed, and it is 100% compatible with the promises of the Old Testament. If we repent back to Moses, then Yehovah will heal us and give us the faith we need to be healed. 

So according to the Bible, Biblical healing comes with a condition, and the condition is repentance from lawlessness back to obeying Moses’s law. 

We know it is not correct to say that he always healed everyone He came into contact with. But we know that the Bible says if you repent back to obeying Moses’s law, then Yehovah (not Jesus) will give you the faith you need to be healed. 

Did you catch that?

The Bible says you do not have to struggle to muster up enough faith for healing. 

Yehovah will make sure you will have all the faith you need for your miracle if you make sure to obey His law. And, of course, one of the ways to obey His law is to make sure your sins are atoned for. This can only be done today by faith in the cross and what Yeshua did for us. 

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