How to be healed

22 May 2020
Topic: Bible , heal , Healing , prayer

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In John 5:14, we read, “Afterward, Jesus found the man at the temple and said to him, “See you have been made well and whole. Stop sinning, or something worse might happen to you.”

Are you suffering right now from a sickness or a disease and physical, mental and emotional consequences of a disease? If you do, you need healing, and the Bible is about to tell you how to be healed.

The Bible says, in John 5:14, there is a connection between sin and sickness. So your suffering right now is caused by your sins. I know it might not be what you want to hear, but it is the Biblical truth. Is it not better to accept an uncomfortable truth so you can be healed instead of living a lie?

When Yeshua healed the man in John 5, He told him to stop sinning, or something worse might happen to him. The Bible defines sin as breaking the Torah (1.John 3:4.) What Yeshua said to the man was that now that you have been healed, make sure to obey the Torah, or something worse might happen to you.

This tells us there is a connection between sin and sickness because this man’s healing was conditional; if he obeyed the Torah, he would remain well and healed. If he disobeyed the Torah, his disease would return, and it would be worse than the first time.

We see the same thing in Ex 7:15; Yehovah says if we obey His Torah, He will heal us. But if we do not obey His Torah, He will send sickness upon us. So the Bible says in Ex 7:15, your illness right now is a consequence of your disobedience.

The Bibles remedy for sickness is straightforward, obey the Torah (the written law of Moses.) If we do not follow the Torah, Yehovah will make us sick.

But what about faith in the cross?

In Isaiah 53:5, 1. Pet 2:4, we read how the stripes of Jesus heal us. There is healing in what He did for us when He suffered for us on the cross. When He died, He died to heal us of our sicknesses caused by sin. If we read the entire verse in Isaiah 53, and 1.Pet 2, and not just the promise of healing, it is evident from the text His stripes heal us IF we believe in what He did for us.

Do you believe it?

Isaiah 53:5 and 1.Pet 2:4 both say the same thing, Yeshua bore our sins so we might die to sin and live to righteousness. The Bible defines righteousness as keeping Torah, so if you believe Isaiah 53:5 and 1.Pet 2:4, you will not continue living in sin. Because you believe He bore our sins on the tree, you will make the decision not to sin anymore. If the Bible defines sin as breaking the Torah (1.John 3:4), deciding not to sin anymore will require you to repent from breaking Torah to start obeying it.

If you believe He died for you, why then are you still disobeying His Torah?

The Bible clearly says there is a connection between sin and sickness. If we break the Torah, we will get sick. If we keep the Torah, we will be healed. When you believe He died for you, but you refuse to obey the Torah because your pastor told you the Torah was done away with at the cross, you will never get well.

Do you need healing?

Repent and start obeying the Torah (the written law of Moses.) If you do, the Bible promises in Deut 28:1-13, you will be healed. It also guarantees you will be healed from the consequences of your sins.

Do you want to stay healed?

Continue to obey the Torah; it is that simple. The Torah heals you, the Torah keeps you healthy, and in the end, the Torah saves you.

How can I say the Torah saves us?

Over the years, we have been told by Christianity we are forgiven if we believe in Jesus dying for us on the cross. Believing in the cross will, of course, require us to repent. If we believe, but we dont repent, our faith is dead and can not save us. (James 2.) This is no different from what we are used to in our everyday lives. If we are caught doing something wrong, but we are forgiven for it, we will not go back to doing what was wrong. We will make every effort not to sin again. So it is only logical how faith in the cross is the same thing as repentance. If you believe in the cross, you will repent.

We see this in Acts 3:19. Acts 3:19 is happening after the death, burial, and resurrection of Yeshua. When Peter speaks to the crowd, he is not telling them to believe in Jesus dying for them on a cross. He tells them to repent and turn back to Yehovah, and if they do, their sins will be blotted out. What Peter says in Acts 3:19 is the same thing as we read in Isaiah 44:22 and 1.John 1:9. Forgiveness happens when we repent. And if sin is breaking the Torah (1.John 3:4, ), then repentance means to stop breaking the Torah and start obeying it again.

This is why the Torah saves us because if we do not repent back to the Torah, we are not saved. And this is why faith in the cross is the same thing as repentance back to Torah.

So we see how the Bible says Torah heals us, Torah saves us.

The Torah promises us physical healing, emotional healing, and psychological healing. The Torah also promises us healing from all the physical, emotional, and mental consequences of our lawlessness. But what it does not guarantee is healing from the consequences existing outside our bodies.

When we live lawlessly in disobedience to the Torah, our sins have consequences affecting other people. If you commit adultery, repentance promises you forgiveness for adultery. Still, it does not guarantee restoration of your marriage, and it will not remove a child born out of wedlock from your life. Your marriage might never recover, and you will have to take responsibility for the child that was born. Still, if you repent, you will be forgiven AND given whatever you need to take that responsibility and deal with the current situation.

The Bible promises 100% forgiveness, 100% healing of your physical body, your emotions, your mental health if you repent back to Torah. The Bible promises you salvation if you repent back to Torah and eternal life. The Bible says Yehovah will help you in every way you need to endure and take responsibility for the consequences of your sins if you repent back to the Torah.

What about sins that only affect your life but not necessarily your body, emotions, or mental health? One such sin would be financial sins; if you mess up with your finances, it will hopefully only affect you.

Isaiah 53, Acts 3:19 says if you repent back to Torah, Yehovah will forgive you 100%, and He will remove the consequences of your sins as long as they dont affect other people.

When you know that the Torah is the key to healing, forgiveness, salvation, restoration, why then would you listen to mainstream Christianity telling you the Torah was done away with at the cross?

If you need healing, and you need forgiveness and a cleanup job in your life for the consequences of your sins, I urge you now to do what the Bible says in Acts 3 and repent back to Torah. Because what it all comes down to, in the end, is this. Your pastor or your denomination did not write the Bible, Yehovah wrote the Bible, and He says in His word, His Torah brings healing, forgiveness, restoration, and eternal life.

I hope this Shabbat sermon has blessed you. I want to pray for you today, and I especially want to pray for your healing. I hold the office of an Apostle, and the Bible says all Apostles have been given the gift of healing. In my prayer, I will also prophesy to you so Yehovah can tell you what needs to be done to achieve healing in your life. As we have learned today, your healing is dependent upon you and what you do or do not do in addition to prayer. Contact me today, on Messenger or e.mail, and I will pray for you for free.

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