How to fight doubt with faith

5 July 2020

Series: Devotional

Topic: Doubt, faith, Torah

How to fight doubt with faith

Have you ever found yourself asking, why have my prayers not yet been answered? You know you are doing all the “right” things, paying your tithes, reading your Bible, having a positive confession, and trusting in God’s ability and willingness to hear you. But even so, nothing happens.

The Bible says, in 1. Pet 3:12, God hears the righteous’s prayers, but He refuses to listen to the wicked.

How do we become righteous?

The Bible says those who do righteousness are righteous. (1. John 3:7.) So there is something we have to do if we want our prayers to be heard, we have to do righteousness.

What is righteousness? 1. John 3:4 says righteousness is obeying the Torah (the written law of Moses.) Now we understand 1. Pet 3:12, God hears the prayers of those who follow His Torah, but He refuses to listen to those who reject the Torah.

Could this be why your prayers go unanswered?

Does this mean everything we pray for will happen right away if we only obey the Torah?

The Bible says if we obey the Torah, what we pray for will happen (1.Pet 3:12, John 14:13,) but it does not say when it will happen.

So how do we handle the wait? The period from when we prayed to when it happens?

Obeying the Torah does not make us immune against doubt. We will have moments of doubt, but we are responsible for fighting doubt with faith. When doubt comes, we have to remind ourselves that we are guaranteed an answer to prayer in due time because we obey the Torah, and we have to keep on obeying the Torah.

If we make it our goal to obey the Torah and remind ourselves our obedience to the Torah is our guarantee for answered prayer, we will be successful in fighting doubt with faith.

Fight doubt with Torah and trust He will answer your prayers. (Deut 28:1-13, 1.Pet 3:12, John 14:13)

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