How to get results when you pray

12 February 2020

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Prayer can sometimes be challenging, and sometimes, it feels as if we are not getting anywhere. How do we pray and keep on believing when everything around us tells us it will never happen?

The most important thing to do is first to make sure everything is ok between Yehovah and us. If there have been any unintentional sins, we have not repented of it could destroy the lines of communication and be the reason why our prayers go unanswered.

If we have confessed (1.John 1:9), every unintentional sin and our prayers are still not answered; we are to keep on praying trusting in Yehovah trusting He has heard us, and the answer is on its way.

We see this in the book of Daniel, Daniel prays, and nothing happens. Daniel makes sure there is no sin hindering his relationship with Yehovah, but still, nothing happens. He is not discouraged by this; he keeps on praying and believing, and one day an angel shows up with the answers. The angel tells him his prayers were heard the first day, and the answer dispatched immediately. But due to massive spiritual resistance, the response gets delayed on the way to Daniel because the angel has to fight his way through and even call for angelic reinforcements.

Daniel was a man like us, and if the answer to his prayers got delayed due to spiritual resistance, then we know this will happen to us as well.

So what can we learn from Daniel?

When we pray, and nothing happens, we first have to check and make sure every unintentional sin is confessed and repented of. Unconfessed unintentional sins will make it impossible for our prayers to be heard and answered, and it can also cause us to lose our salvation if it is allowed to fester and evolve into intentional sins.

The next step is to remember we are at war and have a genuine enemy in the devil and his demons. He will try to fight us every step of the way, including hindering our answers to prayers, hoping it will discourage us and rob us of our faith. The Bible says we have been given a weapon that makes it possible to defeat the devil. In Rev 12:11 and 14, it says those who obey Moses AND believe in the cross, will overcome the devil.

When the answer to your prayer delays, do what Daniel did and keep obeying Moses believing in the cross. Then you can know for sure it will get through, and you will see it revealed in your life.

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