How to live the good life?

How to live the good life?

Is there such a thing as a foundation for a better life? A foundation that guarantees you will not break, no matter what happens to you? A foundation that secures peace during the storm and assurance that God is on your side, working this out for you?

Luke 6:46 says there is.

If you are willing to build your life on the foundation offered to you by Yehovah, you will have a better and stronger life. Yehovah promises you, in Luke 6:46, that his foundation is so strong that no matter what happens to you in life, it can’t break you. This means that when sudden disaster strikes or you get thrown headlong into a tailspin of financial chaos, emotional turmoil, death, or loss of a loved one, you will not break under pressure, you will survive, AND you will get to see Yehovahs help.

Is that not what we all long for? A better life, but also a life that is so secure that no matter what happens, it will not break us?

Luke 6:46 says, if you are willing to make Yeshua your Lord, Yehovah will make sure your life has the most robust foundation in the world.
Nothing that happens in life can break you if you build your life on His foundation.

Yeshua says, in Luke 6:46, if you want to have this foundation in your life, you have to make Him your Lord. Making Yeshua, your Lord is not saying the words: Yeshua is Lord (Rom 10:9.) Making Yeshua, your Lord, is what happens when you obey His teachings.

Most Christians who profess Him as Lord do not obey His teachings, so He is not their Lord. When life comes at them, they will break and be swept away, and when they die, they will end up in hell. (Matt 7:21-23)

Yeshua taught us, in Matt 23:2, Matt 6:25-34, John 3, every Gospel in the Bible to obey the Torah. So if you want this foundation in your life, and you want Yeshua to be your Lord, you have to start following the Torah.

The Torah is the written law of Moses, what most of Christianity says was done away with at the cross.

So make Yeshua your Lord today, build your life on a better foundation by obeying the Torah. If you do this, Yeshua promises you in Luke 6:46; nothing can break you, and when you die, you will be allowed to enter heaven. (Matt 7:21-23)

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