How to pray effective prayers

5 May 2020

Series: Bible study

Topic: effective, hope, prayer

How to pray effective prayers

Do you want to pray effective prayers? Are you tired of feeling as if your prayer dont get answered? In John 14:14, we find one of the most powerful promises in the entire Bible when it comes to prayer:
Yeshua says, “if you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.”

To have a productive prayer life, we need to know what it means to ask in His name.

Most Christians believe we are asking in His name if we end our prayers with “in Jesus name, we pray.” As we are going to see, they are wrong. John 14:14 is not telling us to end our prayers with “in Jesus name, we pray.”

Why are they wrong about this? Or more to the point, why should you not end your prayers with “in Jesus name, I pray.”?

In Ex 3:15 and Isaiah 42:8, the Father of Yeshua says, My name is Yehovah, this is My name forever, and I will never share my glory with anyone. Yesterday we learned how we are serving a God with integrity a God that never changes (Mal 3:6.) For Yehovah to have integrity, He can’t change His mind somewhere between Isaiah 42:8 and the cross. What He said in Ex 3:15 and Isaiah 42.8 has to apply today for Yehovah to be a God of integrity. If John 14:14 were telling us to end our prayers with “in Jesus name, I pray,” it would give glory to Jesus instead of Yehovah. Giving glory to anyone other than Yehovah is a sin (Ex 3:15, Isaiah 42:8.)

Hebr 9:15 says Yeshua died not die to free us from the Torah; He died to free us from the sins committed when we broke the Torah (the Torah is the written law of Moses.) Rom 6:1 says we can’t go on living in sin if we believe Yeshua died for us and 1. John 3:4 says sin is breaking the Torah. So if you believe Yeshua died for your sins, you believe He died to atone for all the times you disobeyed the Torah (the written law of Moses.). According to Pau in Rom 6:1, you cant continue to break the Torah; you have to have integrity, so what you believe is visible by how you live your life.

This is why 1. John, James 2, 1. Cor 11:1 all say the same things: If we believe Yeshua died for us, it has to show in our life by our decision to imitate the life of Christ.

How did Christ live His life?

If you are a Christian, you already know the answer from John 1:29. He was the sinless lamb of Yehovah, who takes away the sins of the world. If 1. John 3:4 says sin is breaking the Torah, and Yeshua was sinless, He never broke the Torah. If we are to imitate His life, then we have to keep Torah the way He did. This is why Yeshua says, in the Gospel of Matthew, we have to keep Torah to inherit eternal life. And this is why Ecclesiastes 12:13 says a man must keep the Torah; it is His duty.

If we keep the Torah, we have integrity because our faith in the cross is visible for all to see (Rom 6:1). If we follow the Torah, our faith in the cross can save us (James 2:10-26.) If we obey the Torah, we imitate the life of our Savior, He becomes our Lord, and we get to share in His character. If we share in His character, then He will do what we ask of Him (John 14:14.)

When Yeshua, in John 14:14, tells us to pray in His name, He is talking about character. Another way to say this would be “if you resemble Me and imitate My life, I will do anything you ask of Me.” So the key to an active, productive prayer life is not being baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking with other tongues. It is not how many souls you have won for Christ or how big of a ministry you have. It is all about character and allowing yourself to die so that Yeshua can live His life through you in obedience to His Torah.

I hope this Bible study blessed you today. This has been a free Bible study; you did not have to pay anything to read it. I also want to pray for you for free and prophecy to you for free. But for me to be able to continue doing so, I am dependent upon your help and obedience to the Torah.

The Bible says, in 1. Cor 9:13-14 and the Torah in Deut 18:1, Numbers 18:31, 18:8 if someone prays for you, prophecies to you or teaches you the Bible you have to support them financially. If you choose to take from them, but not give anything in return, you are breaking Torah and sinning against God. So now that you have studied the Bible and learned how to pray effectively, you have to give something in return. Click on the link below and give your gift today in PayPal.

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The only exception to this is if you have to choose between meeting your needs (remember, there is a difference between your needs and your wants) and giving to the work of Yehovah. Your needs, your family’s needs always have priority, so if you have to make that choice, do not give anything to me. Keep the money for yourself and your family.

But for all of you who dont have to make that choice, it would be a sin for you to learn how to pray effectively and not give anything in return. The amount is not important; what is important is that you choose to do the right thing and obey the Torah in gratitude to Yehovah for what He has done for you.

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