How to pray powerful prayers

11 March 2020
How to pray powerful prayers

In John 15:7, Jesus says, if we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we can ask whatever we wish, and it will be done for us.

This is a powerful promise of answered prayer; it says whatever we wish will be done for us when we ask it in prayer. But as with every promise in the Bible, this too comes with a condition. We have to in Him and His words in us.

So what does it mean to be in Him?

In 1. John 3:23 it reads, “this is His commandment, that we should believe in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, and we should love another just as He commanded us.”

Who is John referring to Jesus or the Father of Jesus?

You dont have to read it in Greek to see He is referring to the Father and not Jesus.

In 1. John 3:24 it reads, “whoever keeps His commandments remain in God and God in him.” This in itself refers back to John 14, where Jesus says, those who love Him will keep His Father’s commandments, and then the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will come and live in that person.

Who is John referring to in 1.John 3:24? He is still speaking of the Father and not Jesus. And if we are in doubt, we can read John 14 and see Jesus is talking about the Father’s commandments. So John in 1. John can not contradict Jesus in the Gospel of John. The requirement to be in God and God in him is, according to 1.John 3:24 and John 14, to keep the Fathers commandments.

If we now go back to John 15:7, we see how the prerequisite for our prayers to be heard, and answered is oneness with Jesus. From John 14, 1. John 3:23-24, we know this oneness can only be achieved by obeying Yehovahs (the Fathers) commandments.

So now we have to ask ourselves, what are His commandments?

The Bible says Yehovah’s commandments are the Torah, or what we usually refer to as the written law of Moses.

This is where it gets tricky for some because we have to choose between obeying tradition or the Bible. Tradition and church doctrine says Yehovah’s commandments were done away with at the cross/is a burden/sinful/impossible for us to obey. The Bible says Yehovah’s commandments are easy to follow; it brings life, joy, prosperity, and even eternal life when combined with faith in the cross. And in this case, the Bible says, obedience to Yehovah’s commandments ensures and guarantees answered prayer because it gives you oneness with Jesus.

There is one other side to this issue we need to see.

Oneness with Jesus decides whetever or not; you will have eternal life.

John 15:6 is Jesus speaking, here He says, if you do not remain in Me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers. Such branches are picked up, thrown into the and burned.

This is Jesus speaking in John 15:6 where He clearly says, if you are not one with Him, you will be thrown into hell and burned.

Do you now see how vital and crucial obedience to Moses’s law is for someone who claims faith in the cross? Do you now know how the devil has deceived the church by inspiring them to believe the law of Moses is done away with, and now all you have to do is “believe” and “ask Jesus into your heart”?

The devil reads the Bible; he knows what it takes to be saved and what it takes to have your prayers answered.

Do you want to see your prayers answered? Do you want to be saved?

Make sure you are one with Jesus by obeying the Torah.