4 May 2020

Series: Bible study

Topic: Bible, God, Integrity


Would you trust someone who lacked integrity?

Perhaps you are not sure what integrity is? Your character is the true you; your personality is the side of you displayed to the world; if you have integrity, your character will be visible for everyone to see. If you have integrity, you practice what you preach. If you lack integrity, you would be a hypocrite, someone you cant trust.

You know you can trust someone who has proven their integrity, but what about Yehovah? Can we trust Yehovah?

God has a name, and His name is Yehovah. If Yehovah has integrity, we can trust Him.

The Bible says Yehovah’s character is His Torah (the written law of Moses.) If He has integrity, His personality will always reflect His character, so then it would be fair to say Yehovah and the Torah are one.

How do we know Yehovahs character is His Torah? In John 1, the Bible says Yeshua is the Torah, John 14:9-10 Yeshua says if we have seen Him, we have seen His Father Yehovah for they are one in character and personality. If Yeshua is the Torah and Yeshua is one with His Father in character and personality, then Yehovah is the Torah.

In the Torah, in the book of Exodus, Yehovah says about His Torah; this is my law for all generations to come. For Yehovah to have integrity, what He says in the book of Exodus has to apply today.

In Matt 7:21-23, 23:6, 1.John, James, 1 and 2 Peter, the book of Romans, the book of Galatians and the entire New Testament everyone says the same thing if we are saved by the Blood of Yeshua we are obligated to obey the Torah. Why? Because the Bible says, the Torah still applies to us today.

So there is no question about it, Yehovah has integrity because the New Testament tells us the Torah still applies today. Yehovah expects the same from us as He expected from the Israelites when they left Egypt. They were saved out of Egypt; they had not done anything to earn it. But when they were saved out of Egypt, Yehovah told them that from now on, they are to live as saved people in obedience to His Torah. This is why the Bible says, in James 2, our faith in the cross can only save us if we obey the Torah.

So we see throughout the Bible, Yehovah is consistent and has integrity. The Torah applied to all in the Old Testament, and it still applies to us today. This is why we know we can trust Yehovah because He has proven His integrity.

Do you worship a God of integrity?

As a Christian, you worship the God of the Bible whom you call Father, Lord, Jesus, God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Yehovah. All Christians have access to the Old Testament and can read for themselves how Yehovah said His Torah is for all generations to come. But for some reason, most Christians today believe Yehovah suddenly changes His mind sometime between the cross and Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. If this is true, then there is no longer a consistency between Yehovahs character and His personality. If there is no consistency, He has no integrity.

As we have just seen, the Bible says Yehovah is no hypocrite, and He is a God of integrity. But if you choose to believe all the things He said about His Torah, in the Old Testament, no longer applies to you, then the god you believe in is not the god of the Bible. Why? Because your god is a hypocrite who suddenly changes his mind, but the God of the Bible is no hypocrite. Yehovah is a God of integrity.

Most of you would argue you worship Jesus and trust in Jesus, and by doing so, you trust in and worship His Father. Do you believe Jesus has integrity?

Throughout the Gospels, He says He is one with Yehovah His Father. He repeats time and time He can only do what He sees His Father doing. Time and time again, we see Yeshua telling His disciples to obey the Torah, and He even goes as far as to say He will personally destroy the one who disobeys His Torah.

Because there is consistency between what Yeshua preached, and what He practiced, we know He has integrity. We know He can be trusted because of His integrity. But if you believe He suddenly changes his mind about the Torah and gives Paul a “special revelation of grace,” you believe in different jesus who is a hypocrite.

Yeshua (Jesus/Yehoshua) in the Bible is no hypocrite. He has integrity and can be trusted. This we know because He is consistent in what He says about the Torah, and He as His Father expects those He saves to obey the Torah.

Do you now see how mainstream Christianity worships a hypocritical false idol instead of the God of the Bible? They believe in a god that says His Torah applies for all generations to come, a god that says He loves His Torah, and the Torah is a part of His character. But suddenly, and without warning, this god changes his mind and shows us a personality that contradicts his character. This god can’t be trusted because there is no consistency between his character and personality.

Do you find it easy to trust a god that has no integrity?

If you, on the other hand, should choose to repent from idol worship and come into a relationship with the true God of the Bible Yehovah, you will see it is easy to trust Him.

It is easy to trust Yehovah because He Has integrity. But it is only natural for a God with integrity to expect His followers to have integrity as well.

This is why the Bible says, in 1. John 2 and James 2, a saved person has to have integrity. There has to be consistency between our beliefs and our personality, and if we have consistency, we will resemble the image of our Father Yehovah.

This is the end goal of salvation, for us to resemble more and more our Father Yehovah in our character and personality. This is why Paul says we need to die from ourselves and let Christ live in us.

Can people see the image of Jesus in you? Can they see the image of His Father Yehovah in you?

Most Christian worship a god that says the Torah has been done away with. This is not the God of the Bible, so the answer would be no and no. People around you can see you worship some kind of god, but it is not Yehovah the true God of the Bible.

This is why so many will one day hear “depart from Me, for I never knew you, you who are without Torah.” (Matt 7:21-23)
Do not be among them, repent while it is still time and come back to the Torah.

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