Is He your ransom?

26 May 2020
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Prov 21:18, we read, “The wicked shall become a ransom for the righteous.”

When Yeshua died on the cross, He had never done a wicked thing in His life. He was sinless, but even so, He took upon Himself our lawlessness. He volunteered to suffer and die punished for all the times you and I have broken God’s Torah. He became wicked for us and a ransom for our souls so that by His Blood, we would atone and live.

If you understand what He did for you, why then would you continue to be lawless?

If you understand what He did for you, you would repent and start obeying the Torah (the written law of Moses). For the Bible says, in John 14, if you do, you will have faith in what He did for you, and it will be saving faith.