Is He your sacrifice?

14 July 2020
Series: Devotional
Topic: Bible , God , Jesus , Jews , law

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Do you believe in John 1:29?

We Christians believe Jesus was perfect and never sinned; this is why He can atone for us because He had no sins of His own. This is also why we believe He kept the Torah (the written law of Moses) perfectly. If He did not obey the Torah, He would no longer be sinless and no longer able to atone.

Deut 13, 1. John says it is a sin to teach others to sin even though you might never actually commit any sins of your own. So if Yeshua taught others to disobey the Torah, He would be guilty of sin and no longer able to atone for us.

The Torah forbids us to worship any other gods; we are only to worship, serve, trust and love Yehovah, the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

If John 1:29 is correct, Yeshua could never do anything or say anything to encourage us to worship Him as God instead of Yehovah.

We never see Yeshua encouraging anyone to worship Him instead of or in addition to Yehovah. He always told everyone to worship Yehovah, trust Yehovah, obey Yehovah, and love Yehovah. He also told us how to do this by following the Torah.

As a Christian, how can you believe in John 1:29 and, at the same time, reject the Torah?
How can you, as a Christian, confess Jesus as Lord, and at the same time reject His teachings?
How can you, as a Christian, believe in Jesus atoning death for your sins and at the same time, believe in a Jesus who sinned?

After all, this is what most Christians do. They believe in a Jesus who sinned. How? They believe He accepted worship of Himself, which is, according to the Torah, sin. They believe He told His disciples and Paul to reject His Fathers Torah; it is a sin to teach others to sin.

In Luke 6:46, Yeshua asks you a question:

Why do you call me Lord, but do not do what I say?

How would you answer Him?

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