Is it difficult to pray?

22 November 2021

Series: Devotional

Is it difficult to pray?

At the start of a new week, we all need prayer and to learn how to pray. In this week’s devotion, we will ask, “is it sometimes difficult to pray?”. If you need prayer and a prophecy, please contact me with no strings attached. Do you need prayer every day? Please add me as a friend on Facebook; I pray for my Facebook friends every day.

Is it sometimes difficult to pray?

I have been a Christian since 2001, and to this day, I sometimes still struggle with prayer. Sometimes I find myself thinking, did I pray long enough? Did I pray with faith? Does He know how urgent this is?

If there is one thing I have learned, it is the importance of rejecting thoughts like these. When you are tempted to question your prayers, wondering if you prayed enough or with enough faith, or if God even heard you, you are dangerously close to falling into unbelief. Over the years, I have fallen into unbelief many times, and I can guarantee you, it is not the way to get your prayers heard and answered.

When those thoughts come, I have learned to reject them by reminding myself that I am a Jew. And yes, I know, some of you are by now thinking, “well, that works for you, but I am not Jewish; I am a Christian.” Please hear me out, and then you will see what I mean.

In Isaiah 56, Rom 2, the Bible says that a true Jew is not the one born in Israel circumcised on the flesh. A true Jew is the one who joins themself to Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus just as Ruth the Moabites did. When you unite yourself with Yehovah, Yehovah says you must never say, “God has separated me from His people.” When you accepted Christ, you joined yourself to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If you have joined yourself to Yehovah, you must never say, “God has separated me from His people.” If you must never say God has separated me from His people, then you must agree with Yehovah and see yourself as a Jew.

If you are a Jew, the Bible says in Deut 28:1-14 and Matt 6:25-34 that Yehovah hears your prayers and answers them based on the promise He has given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus. So because Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus stayed faithful to Yehovah, and because you are loyal to Yehovah, God is guaranteed to hear your prayers and answer them. How do you stay dedicated to Yehovah? By living as a Jew in obedience to the law of Moses (John 14, Matt 7:21-23, 23:2-4)

So when those thoughts come my way, I reject them by reminding myself I am a Jew, and because I am a Jew, Yehovah has heard my prayer, and He is guaranteed to answer when the time is right. While I am waiting, I am resting in faith as a Jew, knowing He will care for me in every way. How can I know for sure? Because He promised Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus to do so, and God never lies.

So it is not difficult to pray, as long as you pray with faith. It is not difficult to pray with faith as long as you pray as a Jew.

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