This weeks devotional, the Bible is the key

3 December 2019
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Being a Christian does not exempt you from the challenges of life. Christians and non-Christians get sick; we die; we lose loved ones, and sometimes the outcome of things might seem so uncertain it keeps us up at night wondering what will happen to us. If you are Christian, you are still a human being; you are going to have seasons of peace and seasons of violent hurricanes where it will feel as if you are drowning in your circumstances.

Ever since I became a Christian in 2001, I have desperately tried to figure out how to handle life, and to be honest, the mainstream church gave me the wrong answer. In the church, I was told to focus on Jesus, to rejoice in Him, and what He did for me. So I tried that, but the anxiety, worrying did not go away. Sometimes I was still up at night wondering what would happen, praying hard, and feeling as if my prayers bounced off the ceiling.

When I came to Torah, everything changed.

When I started obeying the Torah, I suddenly realized if I wanted to live my life the way Yeshua (Jesus) lived His life (1.John 2:6), I had to make the Father the object of my faith. Yeshua lived His life focused on the Father, trusting the Father would come through for Him, and the Bible says we are to imitate His life. So Instead of having Jesus as the object of my faith, I made the Father whose name is Yehovah, the object of my faith.

Do not get me wrong; the Bible clearly says Yeshua is Yehovah. Yeshua is one with God, He is God, and we see that in the name He was given Yehoshua, which means Yehovah saves. But at the same time, the Bible teaches us He is not Yehovah the Father. So even though He is God, He never taught anyone to focus on Him. He taught His disciples to focus on Yehovah His Father, Yeshua also said this Himself when He told us we are to go to the Father through faith in Him.

When I started obeying this in my life, I did what any child would do when they are scared, I run to Yehovah for help, provision, protection, and it works.

Right now, I am going through some rough challenges in my life. For those of you who have followed my ministry, you know by now how my wife and I overspent our money about seven years ago. This acquired us a lot of debt, which we are struggling to pay off. We have since then repented from our sins, and now we are good stewards of money, having learned how to live on a minimal amount each month.

In August 2018, we were approved for debt settlement through a chapter 13 agreement. We have kept our end of the contract and faithfully paid every month what we owe. But at the same time, strange things started happening to our paycheck at work. Suddenly the payroll office at work started making mistakes, or the payment was late, sometimes they corrected their mistakes; they refused to fix anything even though we can prove what they did.

One of the mistakes they did in 2018 has now made it impossible for us to fulfill our end of our debt settlement. We can’t pay this month’s installments, or the next months because the payroll office at work refuses to correct the mistake they did.

This will probably mean we will lose our debt settlement, not because of something we have done but because of something that was done to us.

Right now, as I am writing these words, I dont know what will happen, but for the first time in my life, I am 100% at peace. I sleep better than ever; I am not worried, I dont have any stressful thoughts or anxiety. I have no control over this situation, I cant guarantee and know for sure what will happen, but I know my prayers are heard, and I am at peace.

It did not use to be like this, as a mainstream Christian, I used to focus on Jesus, but it did not help me the way it helps me to focus on Yehovah. This is what the Bible teaches us to focus on and take shelter in the name of our Father, Yehovah. If we do this, the Bible promises us He will help us, protect us, provide for us, and heal us.

Being a Christian does not exempt you from the challenges of life; you will still have to go through rough seasons. But if you do what the Bible tells us to do and take shelter in the name of Yehovah, you are going to see that He is faithful and to give you whatever you need. He might not change your situation overnight; perhaps it will even get scarier before it gets better. But He will keep you in perfect peace and make sure all your needs are met, as long as you have Yehovah as the object of your faith.