Life has many challenges, the Bible has a solution for them all. This weeks devotional

1 October 2019
Series: Devotional
Topic: devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Being a Christian does not exempt you from the many challenges of life. Saved blood bought born again spirit filled believers in Jesus still get headaches, migraines, cancers, and suffer financial chaos and misery. A lot of the time, it is our own doing and our unintentional sin bringing these things upon us. When you know you are prone to headaches if you eat certain foods, but you eat them anyway, the migraine you wake up with the next day is your fault and your sin. Other times things happen because of outside circumstances. You have done everything right, but suddenly your company has to downsize, and you are out of a job. You live healthily, you eat right, but suddenly you are diagnosed with lung cancer even though you never smoked a day in your life. All of these things happen to saved and unsaved alike, and being a Christian will never exempt you from these challenges.
What are the benefits of being a Christian, besides knowing you are going to heaven when you die?
Yeshua answers this question for us in the Gospel of Matthew. In Chapter 6:25-34 He tells us that true born again spirit filled believers in Christ have an advantage over the unbeliever. We have a Father in heaven whose name is Yehovah, and He has obligated Himself to meet all our needs even before we know we have a need. Then He goes on to say the heathens of this world, the gentiles, the unbelievers, the unsaved people do not have that advantage.
We see this again in Psalm 23 when Yehovah promises to comfort us amid our trials, and if we have to go through the valley of the shadow of death, He promises to be there right with us comforting us.
So whatever you are facing right now I want you to know one thing, you have a Father in heaven whose name is Yehovah. Yehovah has promised to meet your need, whatever it might be.
Most Christian sermons on the topic of worrying, anxiety, and the Fatherhood of God would end here. It comforts us to know we have a Father in heaven ready to meet all our needs. But if we want to give the Bible justice, we have to keep reading in Matthew 6:25-34.
The promise given to us in Matthew 6:25-34 depends on verse 34 where Yeshua says, “seek first the Kingdom of Yehovah and His righteousness, and then all these things will be added unto you.”
If we want our Father in heaven to meet our needs, and we want to live the carefree life promised in Matt 6:25-34 there is something we have to do. We have to seek the Kingdom of Yehovah and His righteousness first. How do we do this?
The Bible defines in the book of Exodus and 1.John righteousness as obedience to the written Torah. In 1.John and the book of Romans it says it is the doers of the Torah who become righteous, not the hearers only.
What is the Torah? The Torah is the first five books of the Bible, what we Christians call the law of Moses. This is the same law most Christian pastors would tell you impossible for us to obey; it is a burden and was done away with at the cross.
Do you see what is happening here? In Matthew 6:25-34 the Son of God, our Savior, Lord and Messiah Yeshua says if we will obey the Torah Yehovah our Father promises to meet all our needs. Through the apostle, John Yehovah says in the book of 1.John, it is easy for us to obey the Torah. So the Bible, written by Yehovah (God), tells us if we want our needs met and live the carefree life we all dream of, we have to obey the written Torah.
Mainstream Christianity says what the Bible is saying is wrong. According to them, our needs will be met if we have a passive faith in the cross of Christ.
In Mark 7, Yeshua addresses this problem when He rebukes the Pharisees for having replaced the word of Yehovah with their traditions. Because of Mark 7, we know that if Yeshua were to attend most Christian services and meetings today, He would walk right up to the platform and rebuke most pastors and church leaders for having replaced the word of His Father with their traditions.
Would He rebuke you for having replaced His Fathers word with your traditions?
If we are willing to obey the Torah, Yeshua promises us we will find life and comfort in the care, protection, and ministry of Yehovah. If we are willing to obey the Torah, Yeshua promises you that whatever challenge you are facing right now, whatever need you have, will be met and dealt with by your loving Father whose name is Yehovah.
He is the one who parted the Red Sea. He is the one who fed us with manna in the desert and brought forth water from the rock. He is the one who gave us Yeshua, His own Son, on a cross. If He has given us all these things, and more, we can know for sure He will meet our needs when we do our part and obey His Torah.