2 April 2020

Series: Devotional

Topic: God, Jesus, Lord


Do you believe in Jesus? Of course, you do if you are a Christian, you believe He is the Son of God, your Savior, your Lord. Do you believe everything He said and taught is to be obeyed? I hope you do because if the answer is no, He is not your Lord. It sort of goes without saying, if you call someone Lord, you do what they tell you to do without questioning them. So if you believe Jesus is Lord, you should do what He said even if you dont understand it.

Most Christians would have no problem confessing Jesus as Savior, Lord, and the Son of God whom they obey and believe in. At the same time, most Christians today do not believe in Moses and what he wrote. Most Christians considered Moses and everything he said a burden/sinful/evil/something that was done away with at the cross. This is why most Christians reject Moses and everything he wrote because they are “new testament” Christians.

If you believe Jesus is Lord, you would never question what He said; you will choose to accept it and obey it. When we read John 5:46-47, we see Jesus making an interesting statement. Here He is speaking to a group of people who had rejected Moses in favor of their traditions and opinions of men. His audience believed Moses did not apply to them, and they were in right standing with Yehovah (God) because they followed their traditions instead.

There is no difference between them and most Christians today. Most Christians choose to reject Moses in favor of the traditions and opinions of men.

Here in John 5:46-47, Jesus says if you reject Moses, you reject Jesus. He even goes as far as to say it is impossible to believe in Jesus and what He says if you dont believe in Moses and what he said.

So, according to Jesus, most Christians who claim faith in Jesus but reject Moses are not saved.

This statement of Jesus explains what happens in Matt 7:21-23, where Jesus says He does not know who they are, those who reject Moses. It explains why He tells the rich young ruler to obey Moses to inherit eternal life. This also explains James 2:10-26, where we read a faith that does not show itself in obedience to Moses can not save us. And it explains 1. John 2 and 1.Cor 11, where we read, if we do not obey Moses as Jesus did, we are not united with Him and not saved.

Most Christians have not studied what Moses wrote, so they dont know what it means to obey the Torah.

The Torah (the written law of Moses) requires us to atone for our sins. I know many of you have been told Moses law (the Torah) expects perfection from its followers, but that is a lie. You can quickly check this for yourself, in your Bibles, and see the Torah never calls for perfection.

The temple is gone; it is destroyed, so we cant atone right now for our sins the way the Torah says. The law of Moses does not give us a second solution on how to atone for our sins without a temple. And nowhere does it say we dont have to atone if the temple does not exist anymore.

So we see how obedience to Moses law requires us to atone. Without atonement, you are not obedient to Moses at all. If you do not obey Moses, you can’t believe in Jesus according to His own words in John 5:46.

We have only one solution left if we want to obey Moses, and that is to believe in what Yehovah did for us in John 3:16. Right now, without a temple, this is the only way for us to atone for our intentional AND unintentional sins by believing in Yeshua as our Messiah and what He did for us at the cross.

If you want eternal life, you have to believe in Moses and what he wrote AND believe in what Yeshua did for us at the cross. These are not my words, Yeshua said this in John 5:46.

By now, some of you have realized you are not saved because even though you believe in Jesus as your Savior, you also believe Moses does not apply to you anymore.

Make the decision today to repent back to Moses and believe in Yehovahs sacrifice for your sins on the cross. I know this is not what you have been told in church, but John 5:46 is there for all to see. So you have to make a choice, who do you believe. Do you believe Jesus and what He said? Do you believe your pastor and what he said? Your pastor did not die for your sins on the cross; your pastor is not God.

Dont wait, do this today. We dont know if we will be alive tomorrow, and if we die today, without obeying Moses, we will be among those who hear Jesus say “depart from Me for I never knew you, you who are without the Torah.” (Matt 7:21-23)

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