Is Gods love unconditional?

14 December 2020

Series: Devotional

Is Gods love unconditional?

Do you know how to love someone unconditionally?

If you are a parent, your answer would hopefully be yes, you love your children unconditionally. As a parent, you have pledged to love them, even if they turned out to be the next Hitler or the next Caligula. Of course, your love for them would not protect them from having to suffer the consequences of their actions. But even if they had to serve the rest of their lives in jail for something they did, you would still love them.

Is God’s love for us unconditional?

Judged by what is being preached in most churches, the answer would be yes. Judged by the Bible, on the other hand, the answer is no.

In John 14 and 1.John, Jesus and John say Yehovah loves us if we obey His Torah. (The Torah = the law of Moses) Paul says in Romans, if we disobey the Torah, we become enemies of Yehovah.

So it is evident, from the Bibel, Yehovah’s love for us is conditional, and it depends on our Torah obedience. If you want to experience God’s love for you, you need to begin obeying Moses’s law.

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