Remember what happened at Massah

23 June 2020

Series: The Torah

Remember what happened at Massah

In Ex 20:7, we read, “You must not misuse the name of the Yehovah your God. Yehovah will not let you go unpunished if you misuse his name.” In Lev 22:32, we read, “Do not profane my holy name, for I must be acknowledged as holy by the Israelites. I am the Yehovah who made you holy.”

To understand these two commandments, we have to read it in its context. The context is the ten commandments and the Torah, so we quickly understand the misuse of Yehovah’s name has to do with our obedience or lack of. When we say the Torah was done away at the cross and the Bible says it still applies to us, we are misusing and slandering Yehovah’s name by lying about what He said.

These two commandments also have to do with promises made in His name.

We see this exemplified with Annanias and Saphira in Acts 5. They had promised, in the name of Yehovah, to give the amount of the sale as an offering. But then they went back on that promise and kept a portion for themselves. As a result, Yehovah killed them both.

In Deut 6:16, we read, “Do not put the Lord your God to the test as you did at Massah.”

What happened at Massah?

We read what happened at Massah in Ex 17:7. The Israelites had left Egypt, they had seen all the miracles, but then they ran out of water. Because they lacked water, they asked, “is Yehovah with us or not.”

Why was it wrong for them to ask this?

They believed as long as they saw miracles, they obeyed as long as they saw miracles, but when the miracles stopped, their faith stopped, and their obedience stopped. James 2, Psalm 78:7 describes trust in Yehovah as obedience to Him, not as in “I believe there is a God because I saw a miracle.” Trust that shows itself in obedience regardless of miracles or lack of miracles will bring with it miracles as a blessing. (Deut 28:1-13) and that type of trust can save us. At Massah, Paul says in Hebr 4, our forefathers did not have that type of faith, which is why our Yehovah killed them in the desert.

What can we learn from this? To have the Torah as the object of our faith and never the miracles, manifestations, and spiritual experiences as the object of our faith. Then we will have a saving trust, and miracles will come (Deut 28:1-13), but this time, we can know it will be genuine miracles.

We are also to learn how to respond when we find ourselves in lack. We are never to ask why, and we are not to be discouraged. We are to tell Yehovah what we need (Phil 4:6) and trust He will give it to us because of our obedience to His Torah.

If we learn to do this the right way, we will not be deceived in the end times. Yeshua warns us that many false Messiahs will appear, they will be well able to do great and mighty miracles. Because so many Christians see miracles as Yehovah’s approval, they will be lead astray and never see heaven when they die.

Yeshua also quoted this commandment in Matt 4:7, when the devil wanted a miracle as proof of Yeshua divinity.

Is the church being obedient to this commandment today? No, the church believes miracles are Yehovahs approval, so if someone is healed, delivered, and even raised from the dead, they say it must be the Holy Spirit. In Matt 7:21-23, these people did great things in the name of Jesus; they even cast out demons in His name. But because they tested Yehovah and were not obedient to the Torah, Yeshua says, “depart from Me for I never knew you, you who are without Torah.”

Do you see how obedience to the Torah protects us from deception? Do you see how the Antichrist profits from us believing the Torah was done away with at the cross? Do you see how the Jesus the church believes in serves the purpose of the Antichrist, and how “grace” guarantees many believers will never see heaven when they die?

In Deut 4:2, we read, “You shall not add to the Torah which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the Torah of Yehovah your God which I command you.”

We find this commandment again in Rev 22:18-19, where it says, “I warn everyone who hears the words of the Torah of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of Torah, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll” We also see this in Matt 5:19, 7:21-23 where it says Yeshua will personally destroy those who do not obey the Torah and reject them when they try to enter heaven.

Has the Christian church been obedient to this commandment? No, according to 99% of all pastors, the Torah no longer applies to Christians. Some might say only 9 out of the ten commandments in the Torah applies, but not the one about the Shabbat. Rev 22:18-19 says they will never share in the tree of life, and Yehovah will add to the person the plagues described in the Bible (Deut 28:14-45.)

Earlier on, we learned how the Torah says we are to rebuke a fellow believer when they sin. If we do not rebuke them, we will share their guilt even though we never actually sinned ourselves.

It is undeniable; it is a sin to add to the Torah, subtract from the Torah, or change the Torah. So when you hear a pastor telling you, the Torah does not apply to you, or only parts of it apply to you, they are encouraging you to partake in their sins. If you do not rebuke them for it, you will share in their guilt.

What about those who would argue Paul was given a special revelation of grace? So, according to them, the Torah applied until Paul got saved and given the grace message?

If that were true, then the Torah would judge Paul as a sinner, and it would also judge Yeshua Himself as a sinner. And if it is, as some argue, the Torah is not in effect today so Paul and Yeshua would not have sinned by preaching only grace to the gentiles, then we would have anarchy because the Torah (the law) is gone so now everything is permitted. But then, we would also have a schizophrenic God who is always changing his mind about things, sends people to hell for not believing in Jesus, and not caring how they live their lives. That type of god would grant a child rapist and a murderer, who has no regrets entrance to heaven, as long as he confessed faith in the cross.

Are you not grateful Yehovah is not like that?

Yehovah is not schizophrenic, always changing His mind. He does not send people to hell for not believing in Jesus, and He does care how we live our lives. He sends sinners to hell, people who disobey the Torah, and refuse to repent. Our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose name is Yehovah, would never allow an unrepented child rapist and murderer entrance to heaven.

Are you not grateful we serve a God like Yehovah?

But at the same time, do you see how the Antichrist spirit operates in the church? Do you see how the attack on the Torah, and the preaching of grace as in opposition to the Torah, profits the Antichrist?

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