Abusive relationships

13 December 2019
Topic: abuse , God , relationship

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who never took an interest in you, they only wanted what you can give them? They never asked how you were feeling, what you wanted, and never called except when they have gotten themselves into a crisis, and they need you to bail them out? They never took the time to get to know you; they always based their information about you on second-hand knowledge through other sources and people you knew were lying to them. Have you been in a relationship like this? If so, you have been in an abusive relationship.

Why did you become a Christian?

Most people would say they became Christians because they believe Jesus died for their sins, and they needed forgiveness. They asked Jesus into their hearts and started living their life as Christians, reading their Bible, going to church, telling others about God’s gift, and God’s love given to us in the cross.

Could you, as a Christian, honestly say you have a good relationship with God?

As a Christian, you read your Bible, you probably go to church or listen to sermons online, and hopefully, you would tell others about the gift God has given us in the cross. Most Christians will at times find things in the Bible they dont understand, what do you do when you come across scriptures in the Bible you find difficult to understand? Sometimes we read scriptures that are easy to understand, but they dont agree with the doctrines of our denomination. Who gets to decide how to interpret the Bible? Your denomination or the Bible itself?

Most Christians want salvation to be forgiven by God and reconciled to Him. After salvation, they have little to no interest in God, so they keep Him in the back pocket for emergencies. When they pray, they pray because they want something from God, not because they have an interest in Him and who He is. When they come across scriptures they dont understand, or things in the Bible that dont line up with their doctrinal understanding they dont allow scripture to interpret scripture. Instead of allowing scripture to interpret scripture, they allow their pastors to interpret it for them.

Their relationship with God is based on their pastors or denominational opinion of God and His word the Bible, not what God has to say about Himself in His book the Bible.

If you were living in a relationship with someone who took no interest in you, they only called you in case of emergencies. They wanted to be your friend based on other people’s opinion about you, but they had no interest in really getting to know you, we would say you were living in an abusive relationship. Any sensible person would advise you to leave such a relationship as quickly as possible.

Most Christians today have become abusive in their relationship with God; can we blame God for not responding to our prayers?

We spend more time listening to our pastors or our favorite evangelist then reading the Bible. So instead of reading the Bible, we allow our pastor or evangelist to tell us who God is. Even though we know the Bible says the Torah (the law of Moses) still applies to us today, and it is our only way to show Yehovah (God) that we love Him, we prefer our pastors and their lies which says the Torah was abolished at the cross. We do want to avoid hell, so we want salvation, but we dont want to obey Yehovah or really get to know HIm.

Most Christians today have become abusive in their relationship with God; can we blame Him for not wanting to answer our prayers?