28 November 2021
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

If there is one thing we can know for sure, it is that God still judges sin. Many Christians would disagree with this, and they would say God is no longer angry because our judgment was laid on Christ. If they believe this to be true, they would have a hard time explaining what happened to Ananias and Saphira. God killed them both as a judgment for having violated the law of Moses, and this happened after the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. So if we are to stay faithful to the Bible, there is no doubt about it; God still judges sin.

God judges sin individually, nationally, and globally. 1. John 3:4 says sin is breaking the law of Moses, but if we repent of our sins (admitting to having broken the law, and then we decide to start obeying it again), God forgives us of our sins. Even though we are forgiven, the Bible says we are not reconciled to God. Reconciliation can only happen when we believe Jesus died for us. We need forgiveness and reconciliation to have eternal life. If we repent and we believe in the cross, we will no longer be judged individually, but we might have to suffer the consequences of national and global judgment.

1. John says we share in collective guilt by being citizens of our nations and members of humanity. So when God judges the sins of our nations and the sins of our world, we have no guarantee we will not suffer the consequences of those judgments. But if we are forgiven individually, God guarantees eternal life and citizenship in New Jerusalem.

Deut 28 says one of the judgments of God is pestilence, and another is war. The consequence of rejecting the law of Moses will be national and global pestilence and war. So what the world has experienced for the last three years now is a judgment of God.

If there is one thing we can know for sure, it is this, God’s judgments come in waves. When God uses the coronavirus as a wake-up call and a call to repentance, the next wave will be more severe. Nobody knows what will happen or when it happens, but we know what might happen because Deut 28 shows us how God judges. He uses pestilence, war, diseases, and famine, or a combination of all.

To take heed to this wave, we are under right now and repent.

Come back to the law of Moses, become reconciled to Yehovah by the cross. Then you can know for sure that when the next wave comes, you will either live through it without being harmed (Psalm 91,23) or Yehovah will decide to take you home.

Should you decide not to repent, you will either have to suffer through the next wave, or Yehovah will decide to take your life and throw your soul into hell.

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