Righteous by faith? The key to your future

9 August 2020
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Exodus 20:2-4, we read, “I am Yehovah, your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of bondage, you shall have no other gods before Me.”

Exodus 20:2-4 was promised to Abraham in Genesis 15:13-14. In Genesis 15, Yehovah promises to save Abrahams’s descendants from slavery in Egypt. Who are Abrahams’s descendants? All who are righteous by faith like Abraham was righteous by faith.

Are you a descendant of Abraham, righteous by faith?

How do we become righteous by faith, according to the Bible?

In Hebrew culture, faith is always active and never passive. If you believe in something or someone, it will always show how you live your life. The Bible says Abraham believed Yehovah, and it was credited to him as righteousness. What did Abraham believe about Yehovah? Gen 15:13, 26:5 says Abraham believed in Yehovahs righteousness; Abrahams faith in Yehovahs righteousness meant Abraham imitated Yehovahs righteousness. What is Yehovah’s righteousness? The Bible says, in 1. John 3, it is the Torah. This is why Gen 15:13, 26:5 says Abraham was righteous by faith because he obeyed the Torah.

How do we become righteous by faith and a descendant of Abraham? The Bible says if we obey the Torah, we become righteous by faith and Abraham’s descendant.

Now we understand the promise in Gen 15:13-14 applies to everyone who obeys the Torah. Everyone, Israelite or Egyptian who followed the Torah was a descendant of Abraham and offered the same salvation from Egypt. This is why the Bible says a mixed multitude left Egypt, Israelites, and Egyptians.

Nobody in Egypt had to do anything to be offered the gift of salvation. The gift of salvation was given to everyone who wanted to repent and become a descendant of Abraham by faith.

This is no different from today; John 3:16 says everyone has been given the same gift of salvation, but not all will open that gift. The gift of salvation is given to everyone who wants to repent and become a descendant of Abraham by faith.

When they left Egypt, they were saved by grace through faith, but they had not yet entered into the promised land. They needed to stay saved, and as we are going to see, only 2 of the generation who left Egypt stayed saved until the end.

After saving them from Egypt, Yehovah took them to Mount Sinai and showed them how to live as Yehovah’s saved sons and daughters by giving them the Torah. If they promised to live righteously in obedience to the Torah, He promised to meet all their needs and safely return to the promised land.

Except for Joshua and Caleb, they all lost their salvation. Joshua and Caleb were the only two who stayed faithful to their promise to live righteously in obedience to the Torah.
Everyone who left Egypt was saved by grace through faith, but only two remained saved the rest rejected the Torah and never saw the promised land.

Are you a Christian who claims to be saved by grace through faith? Why did so many of the Israelites lose their salvation? And is there any difference in how we are saved, compared to how our forefathers were saved from Egypt?

Nowhere in the Torah does it say we are to live sin-free. Several laws tell us how to atone for unintentional sins, both the sins we are aware of and the sins we are not mindful of. According to the Torah, the only thing we had to do back then was to go to Jerusalem and sacrifice an animal; the blood of bulls and goats did take away sins.

There are no laws in the Torah telling us how to atone for intentional sins, and this is why the cross is so important to us. So what is the difference between deliberate and unintentional?

You can not accidentally commit murder or accidentally commit adultery. You can not accidentally steal something. These are just examples of deliberate sins you have to choose to do.

Peter the Apostle chose not to reject or deny Christ, but when fear got the best of him, he did it anyway. This is an excellent example of unintentional sin, Peter did not want to do what he did, but fear pushed him over the edge, so the sinned. And because it was accidental, he was forgiven when he repented of it. (1. John 1:9)

The difference between deliberate and accidental sins is intent. They are both wrong, but only unintentional sins could be forgiven under the Torah.

If you murdered someone, committed adultery, or did any other deliberate sin, the Torah and the sacrificial system could not atone. You would be cut off forever, lost forever always living under the curse of the law (Deut 28:14-46)

Every one of us has, at one time in our lives, deliberately sinned.

In Gen 3:15, Isaiah 52-53, John 1:29, we read how Yeshua (Jesus Christ) would one day atone for all our intentional AND unintentional sins. For the first time, in history, someone who had committed a deliberate crime could be able to atone and be reconciled to Yehovah. Heb 10 says this was and still is a one time offer, if we atone for our deliberate sins and then sin deliberately sin again, we have lost all hope and will be forever cut off from God.

Salvation is still faith + repentance, just as it was back then in Egypt. But now everyone can be saved and forgiven, also those who have committed intentional sins.

Gen 3:15, Isaiah 52-53 is a promise given to all humanity (John 3:16.) Everyone who wishes can have their sins atoned for by choosing to believe in what Yeshua did for them. So we are not saved because of something we do, salvation is offered us because of grace and the promise given in Isaiah 52-53.

Our forefathers the Israelites were not saved because of something they did, salvation was because of grace and the promise given to Abraham in Genesis 3.

The gift of salvation was given to all of us, but only those who repent and believe are saved. And only those who stay repented stay saved. How do you stay, repented? By obeying righteousness and 1. John says righteousness is the Torah.

In Acts 3 and Acts 7, Yeshua is identified to be a prophet like Moses. So, according to the Bible, Yeshua can not have a different message than Moses.

All the mixed multitude who were righteous by faith had left Egypt was required to listen to Moses, and obey him if they wanted to stay saved. He taught the Israelites to obey the Torah given to them on Mount Sinai. Only Joshua and Caleb did this, and they were only two who were able to enter into the promised land.

To stay saved, you have to listen to what Yeshua instructs you to do. To be able to enter into the promised land, you have to obey all of His instructions. What are His instructions? Matt 23:2, 5:17, 7:21-23, 1.John 2, James 2, obey the Torah.

Because our forefathers refused to listen to Moses, except for Joshua and Caleb, they never saw the promised land. If you refuse to listen to Yeshua, you will never see heaven.

Are you a descendant of Abraham, righteous by faith, saved by grace through faith? Only if you live in obedience to the Torah. If you reject the Torah, you reject the gift of salvation given to you on the cross. (Matt 7:21-23)

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