Weekly devotion: Sanctify His name

26 November 2019
Series: Devotional

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Matt 6:9, Yeshua tells us to sanctify the name of our Father in heaven. How do we sanctify His name in our lives? Do we even know what it means to sanctify something?

Sanctification is what we do when we make something holy and unique, and we keep it free from sin. So if we are to sanctify the name of our Father in heaven, we have to look upon His name as something holy, unique, and keep it free from sin.

What is a sin? The Bible says in 1. John 3 sin is breaking the Torah (the written law of Moses). According to the Bible, if we break one commandment of the Torah, we are sinning. If we are to sanctify His name, we can not claim Him as our Father if we live in sin. Most Christians would argue they are righteous morally because they believe Jesus is their Lord and Savior, and they have repented from breaking the moral code of the Torah. But the problem is this, nowhere in the Bible does it say we are only to obey the moral law of the Torah. It clearly says we are to obey every last commandment that applies to our gender living outside Israel without access to a temple. If you keep the moral commandments, but you eat unclean foods and do not celebrate Shabbat, you are still sinning and not sanctifying the name of our Father.

We can only sanctify His name if we repent back to Torah obedience and choose to keep every commandment applicable to our gender, living outside Israel without access to a temple.

Are you obeying Yeshua’s commandment to sanctify our Father’s name?