Does your faith make sense?

18 October 2019
Topic: faith , make sense , trust

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

Sometimes, it would do us good as Christians to step back and take an outside look at what we claim to believe in. If we value ourselves, we owe it to ourselves to make sure our theology is Biblical and makes sense. We owe it to ourselves to make sure nothing has crept in that could cause us to lose our salvation, and to make sure our witness to the world is coherent. 

Most Christians today believe the written law of Moses is a burden and was done away with at the cross. Now we only have to believe in Jesus, and we will be ok. 

If this were true, we would expect Christians all over the world to be united in fellowship and agreeing with each other. After all, they all worship the same Jesus, so if all that is required of us is faith in His name, then everything would be settled? 

If we take an outside look at what we believe in, we quickly realize something is wrong somewhere. We have 40 000 + different Christians denominations, and they all claim the Torah (the written law of Moses) was done away with at the cross. They all claim to believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but they can’t seem to agree with each other. 

Do you think reality matches up with what we claim to believe in? If the things we claimed to believe in (the Torah was done away with at the cross, so now we only have to believe) were true, why then have we divided into 40 000 + different denominations? 

If the Torah was done away with at the cross, and the Bible says it is a sin to disobey Torah, how then can God send someone to hell for not believing in Jesus? Most mainstream Christians who believe the Torah was done away with at the cross believes there is a hell. When asked how people end up in hell, they would say it is because they dont believe in Jesus. 

If there is no Torah and people go to heaven because they believe in Jesus, but all those who believe in Him dont seem to be able to agree with each other, which makes for one confusing heaven. How would an unsaved person be tempted to accept Jesus when accepting Jesus means he or she would end up in heaven divided into 40 000 + different rooms for each denomination? 

The other question is this if we go to heaven for not believing in Jesus, how can God send someone to hell who has never heard of Him in the first place? 

Most mainstream Christians are unable to answer this question, can you explain this? 

A third, and just as an equally important question, is this. What does it even mean to believe in Jesus, how do we know we believe good enough in Him to stay out of hell (considering the Torah is no longer in effect, so there is no standard for right or wrong)? 

Are you confused yet?

Stop for a moment and consider this; the confusion you feel right now is the confusion most unsaved people feel when confronted with Christianity. We Christians tend to accept everything thrown at us from the pulpits blindly. Why do we do this? Because we have complete trust in that man or woman preaching the word of God to us. But if we never read our Bibles, how do we even know they are preaching the word to us and not their agenda?

So let’s try to summarize what we Christians claim to believe in. 

  • 1. The Biblical standard for righteousness, the written Torah, does not apply to us anymore. 
  • 2. The Torah, which defines sin, does not apply to us anymore, so there is no way for any of us to determine sin accurately. This means everyone gets to choose what is sin for them and what is righteousness for them. 
  • 3. We claim people end up in hell for not believing in Jesus, but because we do no longer believe in the Torah, none of us can explain what it means to believe in Jesus. This means everyone gets to choose what it looks like for them to believe in Jesus. 
  • 4. Because we believe people end up in hell, for not believing in Jesus, the natural consequence is that people in the jungle who have never heard about Him and never gotten the opportunity to be saved ends up in hell. It was not their fault they did not hear about Jesus, but that does not matter, God will send them to hell anyway.
  • 5. We believe all those who have faith in Jesus will one day end up in heaven. But because there are 40 000 + different opinions on what it means to believe in Him, we are unable to cooperate and be united as brothers and sisters here on earth. What will heaven be like when we cant cooperate here on earth? The Bible does not say there are 40 000 + different heavens; there is only one heaven.  

This is what describes mainstream Christians as of 2019. Who in their right mind would want to become a Christian? Everyone who thinks for themselves can see that being a Christian makes for one big mess here on earth and an even more enormous mess in heaven. Who in their right mind would want to worship a God who sends someone to hell for not hearing about Jesus? 

This is how it looks like to be a Christian from the outside. And this should concern us; it should trouble us much because something is wrong somewhere, and it is not Yehovah’s fault or the Bibles fault. The responsibility is with us, Christians who blindly accept everything thrown at us from the pulpit. 

How do you know that your pastor is telling you the truth if you never open your Bible? How do you know you are even saved if you base your salvation on what your pastor told you? 

The truth is this, most unsaved people out there know more about the Bible then most Christians do. And when they hear us telling them about our faith, they quickly spot the inconsistency and unbiblical errors in what we are saying to them. Because of this, most of them reject our testimonies and witnesses on account of our discrepancies in our faith. 

The Bible says, in Deut 18:15-19 and Acts 3:22 Yeshua (Jesus) is a prophet like Moses. In Matthew 23:22, 7:21-23, Yeshua tells His disciples to obey the Torah (the written law of Moses). How can you believe you can’t obey the Torah when Yeshua told HIs disciples they should abide by it? But more the point, how can Yeshua be a prophet like Moses if He came to free us from the Mosaic law (the Torah)? 

In John 1, it says Yeshua is the word of God. Lets first look at what it does not say; it does not say Yeshua is the New Testament. It says Yeshua is the word of God, the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. If you believe John 1, acceptance of Yeshua is acceptance of the Bible. Should you then choose to accept only the New Testament and believe the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) does not apply to you, you have rejected parts of Yeshua. Either you accept Yeshua and everything He is, or you reject Him altogether. There is no in-between. 

Some Christians would up to this point agree, but then they would say something along the lines of “but what about Paul? He received the revelation of salvation by grace through faith. Paul proves that the first Christians had to obey the Torah, but when Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus, He showed Paul a better way to live by grace instead of law.”

Do you believe the Bible when it says I am God I never change? (Mal 3:6). Up until the road to Damascus, Yehovah and His Son Yeshua has put a strong emphasis on Torah obedience. Torah obedience has been the number one proof of salvation, what Yeshua told His disciples to obey. How can a God that never changes suddenly, and without warning, do a 180-degree turn and throw Torah obedience away and declare from now only grace applies? If you believe in a god like that, how do you know for sure he will not suddenly change his mind again and decide something else applies instead of grace? 

If you still believe Paul had “a revelation of grace,” you will run into difficulties explaining 1.Cor 11. How can a man who believes the Torah does not apply to anyone tell his readers to imitate the life of Yeshua? Yeshua kept Torah, so if Paul wants his readers to imitate Yeshua, he is telling his readers to follow the Torah. 

If you still believe Paul had a “revelation of grace,” and you choose to ignore every scripture in his letters that proves otherwise, you will end up with one messed up Bible. In front of the Bible from Genesis to Acts, it preaches Torah obedience. From James to Revelation, it teaches Torah obedience, but in Pauls’s letters, it preaches grace. 

Does this not concern you? It should concern you because you only have to open your Bible and actually read Pauls’s letters, and you will see he is in full agreement with the Old Testament, with the Gospels, with James, Peter, John. There are no discrepancies between Paul and the rest of the Bible. 

Do you see how you have built your faith on what your pastors have told you, and not on what the Bible says? Can you understand how dangerous that is? Because when you die, it is not your pastor’s interpretation of the Bible that decides if you go into heaven or not. What determines if you end up in heaven or hell is your faith in the entire Bible. If you have accepted the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, you have accepted Yeshua. If you have accepted Yeshua, you will, by now, have seen the Bible teaches Torah obedience in the Old AND the New testament. Why? Because the Bible says in John 1, Yeshua is the Torah. It says in Deut 18:15-19 and Acts 3:22 Yeshua is a prophet like Moses. So these two scriptures by itself prove there is no possible way for Yeshua to have come to “do away with the law or fulfill it, so we dont have to”. Why? Because He cant do away with Himself. 

How would Christianity look like to an unbeliever if we Christians became Christians (as in followers of Christ) and decided to imitate His life (1.Cor 11)?

  1. There would be a clear standard for righteousness and sin. 
  2. Everyone would know what it means to believe in Jesus because He is righteousness. Faith in Him means you believe in and model your life after the Torah. 
  3. We would understand that the Bible says people end up in hell because they disobey the Torah. That makes Yehovah (God) righteous, and just when He sends someone who has never heard about Jesus to hell because they have disobeyed Him.
  4. It would encourage us to tell as many people as possible about Yehovahs offer of reconciliation in the cross. We would also know to say to them that if they accept the cross, they have to repent and start obeying the Torah. 
  5. Everyone who believes in Yeshua would be united and not separated into 40 000 + different denominations. Why? Because there is only one standard of righteousness, the Torah. There is only one evidence of a truly saved lives, the Torah. This makes for a more comfortable heaven because if we can unite in Torah obedience here on earth, we can surely unite as one in heaven. 

The Torah makes the Bible come alive, it makes our faith coherent, and it is Biblical. 

Believing the Torah does not apply to us anymore is believing in another Jesus, not the Yeshua of the Bible. How? Because Yeshua of the Bible says, He has the same character and personality as His Father Yehovah. One who has the same nature as Yehovah would never tell anyone the Torah does not apply to them. 

Making sure what we believe in is Biblical is more critical than we will ever realize. Why? Because your faith determines if you will end up in hell or heaven when you die. If you value yourself, if you love yourself, if you respect yourself, you would do everything in your power to make sure you dont miss heaven. You would also make sure you get to live your best life here on earth, something you can only achieve if you are reconciled to Yehovah by the cross and have chosen to obey the Torah. (Deut 28:1-13, John 3:16, 1. John 2:6, James 2:10-26)