The burdens of Yehovahs heart

23 March 2020

Series: Devotional

The burdens of Yehovahs heart

The first thing I do when I wake up is to wrap myself in my prayer shawl (talit gadol), and I pray for my family, my house, this ministry, partners of this ministry, my nation, and the world.

When I was in prayer today, I felt as if Yehovahs heart was heavy and burdened with knowing how many would turn away from Him and not seek His help in these times. I saw and heard in my spirit something like a wave, almost like a tsunami wave, crashing on the beach and then retreating. And then I heard Yehovah say, that was one and now comes the second.

It is difficult to describe this in words because I can feel the burden of His heart. He knows how many who will never repent, how many who will never obey Him, and dont want anything to do with Him, and it breaks His heart. They want His help, they want to be a Christian, but they dont want Him because to them, He (Yehovah) was done away with at the cross.

IF only they would come back to Me, I would heal their land and hear their prayers, He says. They want My Son, but they dont want Me, and they ignore what My word, the Bible says, you cant have My Son and reject Me. If you reject Me, you reject My Son.

Then I saw how many who will die during this first wave of judgments. I saw chaos, upheaval, and a great deal of fear in peoples eyes.

None of this has to happen Yehovah says, but because this world is in the clutches of the evil one and even those who confess My Sons name have chosen to obey the devil, it has to happen.

Then I saw His joy over all those who repented back to Him at this time. All those who understood He is Yehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who gave us Yeshua, and He has not changed. All those who understood He still expects us to live in obedience to the Mosaic law, believing in His Son’s death for our sins on the cross.

But then I saw all those who will die, believing they are Christians, believing they are going to heaven. I saw young and old, sitting by the bedside of loved ones saying, “I will see you in heaven.” I saw young and old, in bed about to die, saying, “I will see you in heaven.” I saw how their spirits left their bodies, and how a great (in lack of a better word) funnel or tunnel opened up below them and sucked them straight into hell. I saw the horror and the fear in their eyes as they went down instead of up and how they cried out for mercy, but because they had rejected Yehovah, Yeshua did not know them. He told them, “depart from Me for I dont know who you are, you who are without Torah.”

This does not need to happen says Yehovah, I dont want it to happen, but because people listen more to a preacher than what I have said in My word the Bible, this will happen.

Friends, I want you to know time is short. This is not the end as in the world will end tomorrow, but time is short. Many who are alive today will not be alive in one year from now. We dont know who, we dont know their names, but we know it could be you or someone you love.

The Bible says, in the book of Revelation, in the Gospels, in the letters from Paul, in the letter from John, James, Peter: Salvation is repentance back to Moses + faith in the cross. In the book of Revelation, it even promises us victory over the devil if we are saved as the Bible says.

Believing you are saved because you “prayed the sinner’s prayer” and “asked Jesus into your heart”, while at the same time, believing the law of Moses does not apply to you is heresy. The Bible says you are not saved if this is you.

Repent, and be genuinely saved, while it is still time. For there will be a time after this, if you survive this, the next wave will be worse and what is happening right now will seem like a walk in the park in comparison.

While this coronavirus crisis is ongoing, I want to prophesy to you for free. Send me your request for a prophecy either on messenger or e.mail.

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So if you can give something, I am asking for your support so that those who right now are unable to give anything can be helped.

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