The desires of your heart, it is possible

11 June 2020
Series: Bible study

Speaker: Apostle Ernie

In Psalm 37:4, we read, “Delight yourself in Yehovah, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Is this not a wonderful promise? Yehovah says He will give us the desires of our heart if we delight ourselves in Him. To delight yourself in someone is a very archaic word. So we need to ask, what does it mean to “delight in Yehovah?” 

To delight in someone means you like them, and they become a source of happiness, satisfaction, and joy. 

Is Yehovah a source of happiness, satisfaction, and joy in your life? I am not asking if Jesus is a source of happiness, satisfaction, and joy; I am asking how you feel about His Father Yehovah. 

Most Christians would easily say Jesus is their source, happiness, and joy. But nowhere in the Gospels do we see anyone telling us to have Jesus as the source of our delight. The focus is always on Yehovah, the Father of Jesus, and Psalm 37 says if Yehovah is our source of delight, then He will give us the desires of our hearts. 

In John 14:15, we read, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” In Luke 6:46, we read, “Why do you call me, Lord, but do not do what I say?”

Even though it flies right in the face of church doctrine, we have to accept that at no point do we see Yeshua telling us to worship Him as God, even though He is God. He always pointed to His Father Yehovah and told His disciples to fulfill the Torah commandment of worshiping only 1 God, the God who brought our forefathers out of Egypt, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob whose name is Yehovah. 

If Yeshua is our Lord, we have to obey Him and not church doctrine. 

What Yeshua is saying here in John 14:15 and Luke 6:46 is the same thing as in Psalm 37. If He is our Lord, we will not take delight in Him; instead, we will have His Father Yehovah as our source of happiness, joy, and satisfaction. Then, and only then, will Yehovah give us the desires of our heart. 

So how do you delight yourself in Yehovah? Or let me ask this question in a more modern way, do you like Yehovah? Because you cant delight yourself in someone if you dont like them. 

Most Christians would say they like Jesus, so it is easy to delight yourself in Him. When it comes to His Father Yehovah, most Christians tend to agree more with heretics like Marcion and Cerdo then the Bible. They have this false image of Yehovah as this angry legalistic God and Jesus as the God of mercy and love. But the truth is, in Matt 5:19, Yeshua says He is the one who will destroy those who reject the Torah. And Matt 7:21-23 we see Yeshua rejecting those who dont obey the Torah. It is evident if you read the Bible, Yeshua shares His Father’s view on the Torah. 

Most Christians worship someone called Jesus, who came to do away with the Torah, a Jesus who disagrees with His Father’s love for the Torah. Could it be the Jesus you worship has got nothing to do with the Jesus of the Bible? 

As I said before, it is difficult to like someone you dont know, so let me ask you this question: Do you know who Yehovah is? 

The Bible says Yehovah is the one who gave us Yeshua (John 3:16.) In John 14, Yeshua says Yehovah is the one who gives us the Holy Spirit if our Lord is Yeshua. So by these two verses alone, John 3:16 and John 14, Yehovah is a God of love who has blessed us with Yeshua and those who obey Yeshua, the Holy Spirit. 

How can you not like someone like that? How can it be possible to reject someone who has given us His Son as a sacrifice for our sins?

But yes, then there is the other side to Yehovah most people have a hard time with. This side of His personality is identical to Yeshua’s character. They are both very passionate about the Torah, what we call the written law of Moses. Yeshua says, in Matt 5:19, He will destroy those who reject the Torah. We see in Matt 7:21-23 that He will reject and send to hell those who reject His Torah.

It is evident that the Torah is such an integrated part of both Yehovah and Yeshua; you can’t separate them from each other. If you do not like the Torah or reject the Torah, it is the same thing as not wanting and rejecting both Yehovah and Yeshua. Could this be why most Christians live defeated lives?

Most Christians have been taught, by the Antichrist spirit, to reject the Torah. The Antichrist spirit knows that if you believe Jesus died for you, but you believe the Torah does not apply to you, you have rejected Yeshua and Yehovah. If you reject Yeshua and you reject Yehovah, you are not saved (Matt 7:21-23) and you do not have the Holy Spirit (John 14, 1.Cor 12)

So how do you delight yourself in Yehovah?

The answer is found in In Psalm 1:1-2, we read, “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or set foot in the path of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the Torah of Yehovah, and on His Torah, he meditates day and night.”

In Psalm 1:1-3, we see the one who delights in the Torah will be given the desires of his heart. This is the same thing as we saw in Psalm 37, so now we know what it means to delight yourself in Yehovah. It is to delight yourself in the Torah. 

Most Christians hate the Torah because they have been taught to reject it. If you hate the Torah or reject it, you reject Yeshua. 

Is it any wonder most Christians are living defeated lives, never seeing the desires of their heart? 


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